Open Bazaar Guide

This post belongs to the good people at /r/DarkBazaar.

TOR in Whonix

  • Download and install Xubuntu to a USB 3.0 flash drive, choosing “Encrypt my new Xubuntu installation”
  • Boot your new Xubuntu flash drive
  • Install VirtualBox by opening the terminal and running the command, “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install virtualbox” (no quotes, then press enter)
  • Download Whonix-Gateway
  • Download Whonix-Workstation
  • Open VirtualBox, click “File” > “Import” and add the Gateway and Workstation files
  • Choose all the default settings for both of them
  • Start the Gateway virtual machine
  • During setup, choose “Understand” and all the default options
  • Do the same to the Workstation virtual machine
  • In the workstation machine, start the Tor Browser. Download a new version if it asks.
  • Download OpenBazaar (Linux 32-bit Deb Version)
  • Open the File Manager in the Start Menu and navigate to the OpenBazaar file
  • In the File Manager choose “Tools” > “Terminal”
  • Type: “sudo dpkg –install *.deb” (no quotes, password is changeme) then press Enter
  • Type: “sudo apt-get install -f” (no quotes) then press Enter
  • Type: “sudo dpkg –install *.deb” (no quotes) then press Enter
  • Start OpenBazaar in the Start Menu
  • When OpenBazaar starts, it asks if you want to use Tor — DO NOT CHOOSE THIS OPTION. The beauty of Whonix is that all network traffic goes over the Tor Network. So, checking that box would be redundant and slow down your Tor connection.