Open Bazaar Markets

A few of the few open bazaar markets self-described as “Dark Bazaar” Shops or markets operated by well-known darkweb vendors or vendors approved through forums discussing trustworthy OpenBazaar vendors of drugs, services, and other random products.

Open Bazaar Shops Verified on Dread

at: /d/OpenBazaar


  • OB URL: ob://QmXFz7LvbNTTJf5GnGAUFKs7tcaVbVJgk9sZxidp2A8s6f/store
  • Dread Profile: /u/Angelina
  • Vendor Shop: pharmazrcx7r7h36.onion/
  • Markets: Dream (Angelina) | WallStreet Market (AngelinaOfficial)
  • Moderated Transactions: Yes
  • Offers: Anabolic steroids, androgens, testosterone, Viagra and Cialis, Tramadol, Modafinil, Etizolam, almost every light Rx you can think of, we have available. We ship 7 days a week from several regions to ensure rapid delivery. EMS averates 7-10 days worldwide.

Discordian Society

  • OB URL: ob://QmX12ynsBzZ1QeMQQchGckBzMf2fCNxUc5X7LhSc9ZWnAW
  • Dread Profile: /u/DiscordianSociety
  • Vendor Shop: N/A
  • Markets: N/A
  • Moderated Transactions: Yes
  • Offers: Professional graphic design for darknet related business and advertising + Darknet Tech Support


  • OB URL: ob://QmdNxTThBAmU3xDzaPmNfNv9koHaaDX2hJ33wZj8MLqwhB
  • Subdread: /d/DutchMasters
  • Markets: Berlusconi, Direct Deals, and all former markets.
  • Moderated Transactions: N/A
  • Offers: LSD, cocaine, MDMA, ecstasy, ketamine, Dutch speed paste, high quality marijuana, and almost everything else.
  • Well-known and trusted.

(About DutchMasters)


  • OB URL: ob://QmPWAvtDqfCcuVnREz5csfg7eBT56oRRByvX7udyVhYL5x/home
  • Dread Profile: /u/empathogene
  • Markets: Wallstreet Market (empathogene)
  • Moderated Transactions: N/A


  • OB URL: ob://QmbuLSK7kqizHBam89nsoeehnxVzvag4DQ1SU4Wr537tcU/home
  • Dread Profile: /u/itseverydaybro
  • Markets: N/A
  • Moderated Transactions: N/A


  • OB URL: ob://QmbPQSLhXNddUdHiKzGYvx7yxuVQoLR9D7AzUDdrHALogQ/store
  • Dread Profile: /u/wochris
  • Markets: Dream, Wallstreet Market, and Empire Market
  • Moderated Transactions: Yes!
  • Offers: On Offer: Medical Marijuana 12 Strains , Capsules , E-Liquid, Brownies ,Rick Simpson Oil , Gummy Bears , CBD Oil , Emergency Spray. We ship 5 days a week from Spain. Our Shipping is free worldwide. ( Average Time is 5-10 Business Days

Open Bazaar Shops Verified on Reddit


High quality cannabis extracts

  • Email: BHOMG@secmail.pro
  • Reddit: /u/BHOMG_OB2 -
  • OpenBazaar Link : ob://QmeYJsDbHh2tSwcWyAqHrY5oesnm4hyaqNcntmDAjc8kCT/home


PsilocybeCubensis mushrooms have been tested and proven forconsistent potency.

  • Email: Not Provided
  • Reddit: /u/Emily_from_evo -
  • OpenBazaar Link : ob://QmWSx2Yv2BPgxDWgUmSXkBRD2K5dagF1kKxXD86ya2NPQh/store

Florida’s Finest

Tabs of acid, 100 micrograms each.

  • Reddit: /u/FloridasFinestDNM -
  • OpenBazaar Link : ob://QmZpPq4D3oNmvZG7i6cxnK9siUg3BsCgpq4fy5QqGg7SUy/store


Cocaine vendor from various darknet markets.Retired to their own .onion shop. Now on OpenBazaar.

  • Email: Not Provided
  • Reddit: /u/HonestCocaine
  • Open Bazaar Link: ob://QmT17iwCfuAHPrSvK6yQtRNygWNbearWGDs9zWx8oVyC2f/store


Electronics, Gold Bullion Certified Assay Cards, Fully Loaded KODI Boxes & Fire Sticks, US & Imported Fireworks, Survival Gear, Digital Content and More

  • Email: iamtheking@tutamail.com
  • Reddit: /u/kingami413 -
  • OpenBazaar Link: ob://QmX9VGTz2HziSqL7kjNSGjPe8UHDrdyyxZwXyQbBgTbWcN/store


Herbs, edibles & more safely to your door! Priority is on quality, promptly promptly. 1000’s of successful packs and years of experience in the game. We dothe best strains for the best price. | Medicinalflowers | No-run shatter | BHO Edibles.

  • Wickr: MassAppealUK
  • Reddit: /u/MassAppeal_UK
  • OpenBazaar Link: ob://QmagcwjPm2AQSUatwMUGNUHThNEAGkWPQKujtrUmQdRgHW/store

Onion Juice

To OpenBazaar e-liquid (nicotine) vendor. Alsosells on Omega Market and Libertas.

  • Email: onionjuice@riseup.net
  • Reddit: /u/OnionJuiceUK
  • Wickr: onionjuice
  • OpenBazaar Link: ob://QmX6FByHAv8SojaMEJqcBbQBoQv2Cdxsbw4gGpuoudP6kc/store


Cannabis dealer. Former Evo and Alphabay Selling.

  • Email: Not Provided
  • Reddit: /u/Purpled7
  • OpenBazaar Link: ob://QmfCVhi1XGZWUHrnhfYFrrHhZS6Wkn4AbV35S8djCy245v/home

Rolling Tree

“RollingTree sells LSD; 2CB; MDMA; and Ecstasy Pills

USA Shroom Depot

“We offer Psilocybe cubensis psychedelicmushroom extracts that are professionallycreated and professionally sold with excellentcustomer service.”

  • Email: Not Provided
  • Reddit: /u/usashroomdepot
  • OpenBazaar Link: ob://Qmd9TMjTBhCnB9Wrx8xW5b1bU1XBqYmD9o3JPUyJAwhUBf/home


supplying medical grade cannabis,flowers,concentrates, vape and other products topatients

  • Email: Medicalgreens@tutanota.com
  • Reddit: /u/medicalgreens
  • OpenBazaar Link: ob://QmNfybZmCzyE3jP6bR5diF2ELuoLkse7WNp3HouJ7xSuuE/store


I offer Alcohol (apple pie brandy, and puremoonshine, as well as my “CTTLS” series akacheaper than the liquer store series that hasover 110+ different types of alcohol), CannabisFlower (Master Kush), Edibles, Hash, andrecently added Dutch 84% MDMA.

  • Email: not provided
  • Reddit: /u/2happy2times2
  • OpenBazaar Link: ob://QmW6tj8A6wFe71jZAEdiL8t7p51esFs8gZ8AevrJ5oZfJP/store