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A few of the few open bazaar markets self-described as “Dark Bazaar” Shops or markets. This is an online version of the OpenBazaar shop that promotes the growth of decentralized marketplaces.


High quality cannabis extracts

Email :

Reddit : / u / BHOMG_OB2 -

OpenBazaar Link : whether: // QmeYJsDbHh2tSwcWyAqHrY5oesnm4hyaqNcntmDAjc8kCT / home


PsilocybeCubensis mushrooms have been tested and proven forconsistent potency.

Email : Not Provided

Reddit : / u / Emily_from_evo -

OpenBazaar Link : ob: // QmWSx2Yv2BPgxDWgUmSXkBRD2K5dagF1kKxXD86ya2NPQh / store

Florida’s Finest

Tabs of acid, 100 micrograms each.

Email :

Reddit : / u / FloridasFinestDNM -

OpenBazaar Link : ob: // QmZpPq4D3oNmvZG7i6cxnK9siUg3BsCgpq4fy5QqGg7SUy / store


Cocaine vendor from various darknet markets.Retired to their own .onion shop. Now onOpenBazaar.

Email : Not Provided

Reddit : / u / HonestCocaine

Open Bazaar Link : ob: // QmT17iwCfuAHPrSvK6yQtRNygWNbearWGDs9zWx8oVyC2f / store


Electronics, Gold Bullion Certified Assay Cards, Fully Loaded KODI Boxes & Fire Sticks, US & Imported Fireworks, Survival Gear, Digital Content and More

Email :

Reddit : / u / kingami413 -

OpenBazaar Link : if: // QmX9VGTz2HziSqL7kjNSGjPe8UHDrdyyxZwXyQbBgTbWcN / store


Herbs, edibles & more safely to your door! Priority is on quality, promptly promptly. 1000’s of successful packs and years of experience in the game. We dothe best strains for the best price. | Medicinalflowers | No-run shatter | BHO Edibles.

Wickr : MassAppealUK

Reddit : / u / MassAppeal_UK

OpenBazaar Link : if: // QmagcwjPm2AQSUatwMUGNUHThNEAGkWPQKujtrUmQdRgHW / store

Onion Juice

To OpenBazaar e-liquid (nicotine) vendor. Alsosells on Omega Market and Libertas.

Email :

Reddit : / u / OnionJuiceUK

Wickr : onionjuice

OpenBazaar Link : ob: // QmX6FByHAv8SojaMEJqcBbQBoQv2Cdxsbw4gGpuoudP6kc / store


Cannabis dealer. Former Evo and Alphabay Selling.

Email : Not Provided

Reddit : / u / Purpled7

OpenBazaar Link : if: // QmfCVhi1XGZWUHrnhfYFrrHhZS6Wkn4AbV35S8djCy245v / home

Rolling Tree

“RollingTree of of a skilled skilled skilled skilled skilled skilled skilled sell ers sell ers sell ersers wh on on on Web on Web Web Web Web, Web, Web, Web, Web Web, Web, Webeg, Webeg. LSD | 2CB | MDMA | Ecstasy Pills

Email :

Reddit : / u / RollingTree

OpenBazaar Link : if: // QmaPY63SJyuZSAgU1iLWrmZbA5nU8jg5keMsCJX4baisng / store

USA Shroom Depot

“We offer Psilocybe cubensis psychedelicmushroom extracts that are professionallycreated and professionally sold with excellentcustomer service.”

Email: Not Provided

Reddit: /u/usashroomdepot

OpenBazaar Link: ob://Qmd9TMjTBhCnB9Wrx8xW5b1bU1XBqYmD9o3JPUyJAwhUBf/home


supplying medical grade cannabis,flowers,concentrates, vape and other products topatients


Reddit: /u/medicalgreens

OpenBazaar Link: ob://QmNfybZmCzyE3jP6bR5diF2ELuoLkse7WNp3HouJ7xSuuE/store


I offer Alcohol (apple pie brandy, and puremoonshine, as well as my “CTTLS” series akacheaper than the liquer store series that hasover 110+ different types of alcohol), CannabisFlower (Master Kush), Edibles, Hash, andrecently added Dutch 84% MDMA.

Email: not provided

Reddit: /u/2happy2times2

OpenBazaar Link: ob://QmW6tj8A6wFe71jZAEdiL8t7p51esFs8gZ8AevrJ5oZfJP/store

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