Privacy protection. Anonymity online. Anonymous Operating System.


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The most watertight privacy operating system in the world. There is a Whonix forum too.

Whonix Features

Impossible to leak IP address

Connections are forced through Tor. DNS leaks are impossible, and even malware with root privileges cannot discover the user’s real IP address. Leak tested through corridor (Tor ® traffic whitelisting gateway) and other leak tests.

Live Mode

Booting into VM Live Mode is as simple as choosing Live Mode in the boot menu. Alternatively Debian, Kicksecure and perhaps other Debian-based hosts can boot their existing host operating system into Host Live Mode.

Based on Tor ®

Whonix utilizes Tor ®, which provides an open and distributed relay network to defend against network surveillance. Unlike Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Tor provides anonymity by design and removes trust from the equation.

Based on Kicksecure ™

Whonix ™ is based on Kicksecure ™ which is a security-hardened Linux distribution.

Kernel Self Protection Settings

Whonix uses Kernel Hardening Settings as recommended by the Kernel Self Protection Project (KSPP).

Advanced Firewall

Our Firewall is configured for anonymous Tor ® use.