Resilient Cloud Platform




VanwaTech is a Tor-friendly service provider and webhost used and trusted by some of the largest and most controversial websites in the world, including Stomer.

Smart CDN

VanwaTech goes far beyond a traditional CDN. Offering capabilities such as DDoS Protection, Load Balancing, Onion Routing, HTTP/3, and more.

Cloud Hosting

High performance DDoS protected cloud hosting within our state-of-the art US datacenter. Ultra low latency and running only the very best hardware.

Private Cloud

Our managed private cloud offers the highest standard of capabilities, technical support, uptime, and resiliency - suitable for any scale.

Cloud Storage

We offer CDN integrated cloud storage that can put your files on the web at a fraction of the cost of competitors like S3 while at the same time leveraging the IPFS blockchain.

Image Processing

Resize, optimize, and deliver images to your users with a simple easy to use API. Reduce load times on your site, and simplify how you develop.

ASIC Colocation

Our self owned and operated datacenter in Washington state allows us to access abundant low cost and reliable hydroelectric power.