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We get a lot of questions about what we are and what we’re doing. This list covers the most frequently asked.

XMR is already private. Why does this site exist?

The simple reason is convenience. We allow users to turn BTC into fresh, clean XMR that is impossible to trace. We provide the convenience of using a simple onion site and store no user data. Once the transaction is started, you can be confident that all the steps will complete. Contrast this is with setting up Tails to use exit nodes in the proper countries in order to get a Morphtoken script to work properly. This site is much easier to use.
Why use multiple transfers?

Multiple transfers can provide further anonymity in the case of an adversary capturing either the true source or true destination wallets. For example, take a transfer from A -> B -> C -> D. If a motivated adversary manages to capture wallets A and D, there is still no way for them to follow the transaction through the two intermediate wallets B and C.
How does it actually work?

There is really no secret to the operation. If you’re exchanging from BTC, first Morphtoken is called to setup an exchange. We then use cryptography to generate the intermediate wallets in a deterministic way. We then send the XMR from one wallet to the next in order until we finally send the balance to your wallet. After each step, we use the ‘shred’ utility to completely destroy the wallet.
Why does it take so long?

After each Monero transaction, the funds are blocked from moving for about 20 minutes (10 blocks, specifically). This helps to prevent correlation analysis on the block chain. This means that each hop in the transaction list takes about 20 minutes. This is also a reason that a user would use this service instead of creating the wallets themselves. Just start the transaction and walk away. You don’t have to actively move funds over the next hour.
What data do you keep?

For 24 hours after a transaction is started, we keep the information needed to reconstruct the wallets in the transfer. This is useful to us so that we can show you the status or resume the transaction even if something happens to the computer it’s running on. After 24 hours, we scrub this information from our database, leaving no data behind. This is why it is important that you keep the encrypted transaction information shown on the confirmation page. If you contact support and we can’t address your information within 24 hours of the transaction starting, there is absolutely no way we can recover that data and trace your transaction.
What fees do you charge?

Unlink charges a 1.5% fee on the transferred amount. However, Morphtoken also charges a low, flat per-exchange fee as well as having a spread on their exchange rates. We do our best to show you what we charge and how much currency you’ll receive at the end of the transaction.