Rebellyon is an alternative media in Lyon managed by an autonomous collective. It is not made up of media professionals, but of volunteers and activists. It is part of the anti-authoritarian movement in Lyon


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From Rebellyon:

The dominant press is the faithful and servile relay of capitalist interests. And more and more, it imposes the capitalist system as the only possible human organization. It is the property of the state, multinationals, bosses or political organizations. In Lyon, the main local daily newspaper, Le Progr├Ęs, which belonged to Dassault, one of the most important arms dealers in the world, has just passed into the hands of the biggest capitalist regional press monopoly with numerous titles such as the Is Republican. Hence the need for an autonomous alternative media, a space for expression and testimony that does not obey the logic of the dominant press. This is the purpose of Rebellyon’s creation.