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Dedicated to your anonymity

― No tracking, no profiling, no data mining ―

Definitive Data Security - Elude is hosted in the Tor Network and all our servers are hidden. This means all user data is protected strictly without government spying.

Nameless Platform - No personal information is required to create your email account. The Tor protocol erases all tracks which can be linked to your identity. Your privacy comes first.

Automatic Email Security - All user email accounts feature encrypted storage on our servers, only accessible by you. Our webclient supports end-to-end encryption.

No data lock-in - We believe you will love our service. However, if you ever decide Elude mail isn’t right for you, we make it easy to permanently purge your data.

Thanks for trying out Elude.

If you want privacy, don’t count on clearnet email providers!

The Importance of Data Privacy

Every site you visit, every app you open, and every link you click sends your information to a server somewhere. Once you click, your data is copied, sent again to many different locations, and potentially stored forever. Data is already one of the most valuable assets in today’s world. These tiny bits of information, when combined together, can create a very detailed picture of who you are, what you like, what you believe, and where you are. This is very powerful, and certain interests will pay a lot of money for this data in order to sell you products, change your political opinion, or find your location.

Your data is a weapon for those who wish to control you and do you harm.

This is especially true when you’re doing something that requires privacy, such as whistleblowing unethical employer practicies or seeking asylum from violence. Unfortunately, many governments around the world have imposed strict laws on its people that restrict their freedom to act and speak.

The Power of Encryption

Thankfully, encryption technology is now available to anyone with an internet connection. Privacy tools and encyrption software allow the people of the world to communicate without fear of the government or unscrupulous people snooping in.

Emails are the backbone of personal internet communication. So it makes sense that the first part of our internet identity that we should protect is our email account. But there are many options for email providers, even some that say they respect your privacy too! So why is Elude mail better?

Elude is built around your privacy

We do not require you to sign up with any personal information such as a phone number like most email providers. Elude is hosted exclusively on the Tor network so we never know your IP address. Our email client does not use any javascript and has strong security policies in place to keep your emails for your eyes only. Our passwords are stored with strong hashing algorithms (Argon2). You can purge your data from our servers with a click of a button in your security panel. We provide SMTP and POP which allows you to use Elude mail in your own email client.

Protect your money

Another critical component of our identity is our finances. Most governments have measures in place to completely prevent financial privacy in the name of fighting crime and terrorism. Despite the fact that most people are not criminals or terrorists, we are all subject to financial surveillance. Elude offers a convenient means to keep your finances private. Again encryption can allow us to keep data safe, this time in the form of bitcoin and the privacy-based cryptocurrency monero.

We have a built in cryptocurrency wallet which accepts bitcoin and monero and allows you to freely exchange between the two with no hidden fees. All bitcoin withdrawn from Elude has been mixed with other users, so it cannot be traced to your deposit through blockchain analysis. We also offer our bitcoin mixer to be used even without an Elude account.

We’re in this together

Elude doesn’t make money by selling your information. We support your privacy because it’s in everyone’s best interest to be able to keep our data private. Contribute to support privacy focused technology like Elude. Please also consider donating to the TOR project at donate.torproject.org/en_US/cryptocurrency.