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Paris: Dread Will Be Offline During Update

Paris wrote 15 hours ago that Dread will be offline in 48 hours so Dread will likely be offline in ~30 hours or so. (Unless Paris is on Dreadâ„¢ time. )
The update is probably the biggest in Dread’s history. Lot in there. But the captcha is what I am most happy about.



After many weeks of testing, corrections, updates, refinements, and just overall improvements we are just about ready.

  • A redesigned and custom search system is back and better than ever. Near instant search of over 2 MILLION public submissions.
  • Moderation is greatly improved with an option to show moderation logs to the public.
  • New captcha for both endgame and dread.
  • Store system with automated advertisement invoicing, awards (like reddit), a donation leaderboard, and premium membership (which removes captcha requirements).
  • I2P endpoint with a memorable name (dreadtoobigd…).
  • Updated and public market standard requirements which will set a minimum for markets on Dread to meet (which you can view now if you can guess the pathing).
  • Interest selection for subdread suggestions making finding communities valuable to you much easier to find.
  • Reporting on a per message basis on conversations (which are fed into a new anti-spam system).
  • Vast improvements for in browser caching systems to reduce page sizes by up to 80%.
  • 100X increase in pagination on the frontpage and all.
  • Referral systems so when registration is locked down you can refer others so they can still create accounts.
  • A lot of bug fixes and many many more features for you to discover.

During the downtime /d/recon will go down as well. No update yet for recon but it will be coming I hope a lot sooner than this update was.

I personally hope this update will be a much welcome surprise.