Yellow Brick Market

Yellow Brick is an anonymous marketplace, for vendors to sell (almost) anything they want, whilst simultaneously allowing customers to purchase products they seek without having to put their identity or person information at risk.

How to Access Yellow Brick Market

Yellow Brick, like CGMC and some of the other more private markets, requires an invite code to register an account. Certain vendors, as well as staff members, are able to invite customers.

Here is the Yellow Brick onion address list:

Hash: SHA512

Yellow Brick Mirrors:











Here is a working invite code, provided by Yellow Brick: 45698567

Invite codes, according to a staff member, do not expire. However, in order to keep the market sustainable, registration gets closed once a certain number of users sign up. At a point in the future, the market re-opens registration and repeats the cycle.

Vendor bonds cost, as of 04/20/2019, 0.03 Bitcoin.

Yellow Brick Homepage

Yellow Brick Homepage

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Escrow, Half-FE and FE mean?


Escrow means the marketplace holds the money. Your funds will be placed into Escrow which means neither you or the vendor has access to the money directly. Once your order arrives you are able to visit your order page & select the “I have received my order.” option, which will release the money to the vendor, thus assuring everybody gets a safe deal & peace of mind over being potentially scammed. (Please be aware, if you do not finalize your Escrow order it will automatically release the funds 14 days after the order was placed. If you do not receive your order you can use the “Reset Auto Release” button to add an extra 10 days of Escrow to your order. We ask that buyers finalize their orders as soon as they receive them, as vendors should not have to wait for auto release to provide them their funds. Remember the price of Bitcoin constantly changes and the longer you wait to finalize, the more chance the vendor could possibly loose money which means they may not wish to sell to you again.

Finalize Early (FE):

Finalize Early means the vendor receives the funds after they mark your product as shipped. You should only perform FE orders with vendors you trust highly, as we cannot guarantee any refunds from FE orders.

50% Escrow, 50% FE:

50% Escrow & 50% FE is what it says on the tin. Half of the funds are instantly released to the vendor upon shipping your product, and the other 50% is held in Escrow which you must release until your product arrives. Once again using this option you are forfeitting 50% of your funds to FE, which means in these cases we can only offer 50% refunds if there is a dispute for the order. Once again this option should only be used for vendors you trust.

How trusted are vendors?

Verified vendors on Yellow Brick are reviewed and approved but users should only order from trusted vendors. Each vendor has a review score and feedback reviews on their profile which shows how trusted the vendor is based on previous orders from other users. We advise users to read the reviews and scores before placing orders. The vendor scores will have a percentage which is orders that were positive, negative and neutral. We advise placing orders with vendors who have a high score and percentage and good reviews.

What’s the ‘Yellow Brick Discount Wall’?

This is a special list of all the discounts currently available on the market and the listing the code is for. Exclusive to Pro Customers.

Yellow Brick incorporates different customer levels as well as different vendor levels. For a small fee, your customer account receives an upgrade that adds exclusive features.

How to Become a Vendor on Yellow Brick

New vendors have to pay the 0.03 BTC fee to get a vendor account.

Established vendors from another market (over 500 physical sales or over 1000 digital sales) can request a waiver by opening a support ticket and signing the opening message with their established PGP key.

A Listing on Yellow Brick Market

A Listing on Yellow Brick Market

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Always down
patchy, sometimes down, sometimes not
I registered without a referral code... did I hit the right market link...?
This site is usually good but seems they are being DDOS now. Guessing they are finally being targeted.

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