Square Market

Square Market is a relatively new market that supports Monero, Z-cash, and Bitcoin


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PGP Key Details

  • Square Market Key(admin)
    • BB54 A26D 5CB9 6D39 CB0B 1E40 B979 B26B A54F 8572
    • 9883A66961EAAB16


Marketplace Announcement


PGP: http://c77yo2fe3f4e3g7tll5qrzzoneymihws2tpjceg6wop2ky6pkcaqczyd.onion/pgp.txt
Mirrors: http://c77yo2fe3f4e3g7tll5qrzzoneymihws2tpjceg6wop2ky6pkcaqczyd.onion/mirrors.txt
Canary: http://c77yo2fe3f4e3g7tll5qrzzoneymihws2tpjceg6wop2ky6pkcaqczyd.onion/canary.txt

Payment Methods: 2-of-3 Multisig Bitcoin escrow (optional), Cryptonia style walletless escrow (optional), Traditional escrow

Payment Accepted: BTC, XMR, ZEC

Square Market is a general marketplace built by a group of bored engineers that decided to build a platform that we would enjoy using. We carefully consider all user feedback and feature requests to rapidly iterate and refine.

Our goal is to let vendors do their business however they feel comfortable, and provide them with the tools to do so.

We do not have a rigid payment model, you can pick and choose based on how you wish to run your business and minimize your risks.

Customers placing orders can pay directly to an address or deposit to a wallet and pay using their market balance. Vendors can add a Bitcoin Xpub key and enable walletless autodeposit payments if they choose.

And before anyone asks, no, we are not yet another Eckmar clone.


From /changelog/


  • UX adjustments
  • Add direct 2FA link on greeting splash


  • Enhancements to internal balance handlers
  • Monero support activated


  • Added currency name and coin text to various UI locations so users without iconfonts have a more usable experience [thanks Accessed]
  • Number formatting changes to better accomodate Monero


  • Dashboard layout fixes for smaller displays
  • Listing image deletion bugfix [thanks Accessed]


  • Shuffle the “New Products” listings to even out potential exposure


  • Minor CSS fixes to pagination links
  • Monero back-end transaction support
  • Multisignature Bitcoin back-end transaction support


  • Early finalizing added
  • EUR currency option added
  • Listing builder now sends new vendors to delivery options panel if none were added yet
  • Incomplete listing deletion bugfix


  • Category count bugfix


  • Vacation mode added


  • Fixed bug with vendor listing currency option selections
  • Several UI improvements for vendor shop pages and other miscellaneous product listings


  • Vendor accounts can now browse the market like a buyer account.
  • UI adjustments.


  • Adjustments to vendor onboarding, Bitcoin xpub key is now optional and listings can be made without one if a vendor does not wish to utilize multisignature payments once they’re finished with implementation, though we still still highly recommended this option.


  • System hardening adjustments [thanks Father Ted]


  • Adjustments to vendor voucher system
  • Performance enhancements and refactoring


  • Added additional identity verification step when a PGP public key is added and when activating 2FA [thanks benihana, prz]
  • Updated verbiage in a few places emphasizing to only add public keys, not private keys
  • User page no longer erroneously duplicates profile text contents where it shouldn’t


  • Fix some image 404 issues for unfinished listings
  • Assorted layout fixes
  • Show vendor verification badge on all listing, profile pages
  • Show vendor level on all listing, profile pages
  • Added missing shipping details to listing page
  • Added stock details to category/search results


  • Added changelog
  • Fixed orders page to display the vendor name if you’re the buyer, and vice versa
  • Text updates on Currency Settings to clarify multisignature requirements

Oniontree Link

Reviews (26)
Some scam listings
growing bigger daily, messaged admins about scam vendors and they took action quickly, keeping an eye on this one
Just used one of my regular plugs that moved here after apollon, pack just arrived and everything worked out. The mods just cleared out a bunch of obvious scammers. At least they're serious about keeping things clean.
decent german selection
Deposited and withdrew coin to check if its legit, might give it a further look when I need a restock. Clean design.
looks like a 6 year old did the design. Built from scratch? My ass. This is a clone market, just like eckmars but this one was for free.
Are you another dumbass eckmar/shitty script market with nothing new to offer? Same type of people who make shi t up about any non-traditional market that doesn't fit in with the standard shthole marketplaces. Square actually looks good. And obviously isn't a script.
Made a few orders that went fine. Cool shit.
Used it for two orders so far, looks good, loads fast
A vendor tried to scam me, took about a day for support to handle the dispute but I got refunded and they banned the vendor and reached out to me separately to apologize for the experience. Bummed out about the scammer but the support was top notch, thanks guys
Needs more Canadian vendors but I like everything else about it
Is square Market Down, cant login!
Nice market
Made an order and was able to deposit and remove coin. looks good
These guys put in a lot of effort and it shows. As far as any market I’ve tried out recently it is the simplest to use and understand, haven’t been around since Dream shut down so I could be wrong. Staff are extremely friendly and helpful, even offering wisdom to other marketplaces on Dread, class acts all around. Hope it endures for a long time.
i got ripped off by a scammer that convinced me to finalize early, yea yea im an idiot opened a support ticket about the scammer and the next day i had a reply asking for every detail i could give them, which i did. next time i logged in i had my btc back in my market wallet, i’d written it off because the order was finalized already, support had watched the vendor withdraw my money and deposit it on another account to make fake feedback, and returned it to me seriously i hope you guys stick around forever if this is how its gonna be, because i’m still blown away thank u jigglypuff & others
this market has been down for a few days I feel like 3/14/2020
they were getting ddosed by one of those other new markets that sprung up, its been working great again
lol i had a ticket take a while to fix and they added extra money in my wallet as an apology lmaooooooo these guys are beauts
very good market, but they have issues with ddos . You cant loging sometimes
pax romana was ddosing them, they are run by apollon admin and benedictparchezzi and stackz420
Is square Market Down?
I just made an order today, we'll see how that goes. Market looks legit. Servers can't be accesed some times, but they are back online in maximum few hours. I will let another review as soon as I receive my product (if i receive it)
this market is down and vendors cant log on thats what my friend said.

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