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What makes PotLuck special?

PotLuck is coded from scratch with security and user-friendliness in mind. We provide an accountless experience for buyers, with an address-per-payment model. Vendors are provided with forced 2FA and xmpp notifications. PotLuck aims to make all control options straightforward and as user friendly as possible.
How do I create a buyer account?

There is no account registration here on PotLuck. We took the more standard ecommerce approach of simply entering your order information. Please save your order number + PIN code, and simply login to your order through the order panel at the top of the screen.
How does shipping pricing and selection work?

Each vendor can specify up to three different options for shipping. The options and their respective prices will be displayed on the items page next to the quantity input. If the shipping options are not present, it means that the vendor does not charge a seperate shipping cost.
What are the vendor requirements?

We require some positive feedback and active listings on markets. We do not require a large number of sales, but negative feedback is a highlighted concern. We do pride ourselves on being accepting of smaller vendors. If you are a brand-new vendor, we require a vendor bond of 200 USD. Please contact the PotLuck administration on our subdread(/d/potluck) to apply.
I have a question about a listing. What do I do?

We have designed a bulletin-board like system to update each listing with questions about that listing. Please find the “ask a question” button next to Q&A section toward the bottom of each listing and the vendor will see your question and can post an answer. The questions and answers are updated to the listing, so any other buyers can see the questions and answers.
How are payments designed? What is the payment model?

PotLuck generates a new address for every order, the address is cleared out when the order is finalized or refunded. The buyer has escrow-like protection, while the vendor receives payment once an order is finalized. For non-FE listings, autofinalization occurs 8 days after item is shipped, and is allowed two 3-day extends by the buyer, with a total of 14 days. If an extend is still required, please submit a ticket.
Does PotLuck charge any fees?

Yes. PotLuck charges a take to pay for server upkeep, hosting, and modest administration. Blockchain transaction fees are included in the commission. The commission rate is as follows

  • 5.0% : Initial rate and FE
  • 4.8% : Vendors who achieve more than 100 sales while maintaining a rating of over 0.9 on PotLuck
  • 4.5% : Vendors who achieve more than 500 sales while maintaining a rating of over 0.9 on PotLuck
  • 4.2% : Vendors who achieve more than 2000 sales while maintaining a rating of over 0.9 on PotLuck
  • 4.0% : For established vendors from other markets(application only)
  • 3.8% : Vendors who achieve more than 10000 sales while maintaining a rating of over 0.9 on PotLuck
  • 3.5% : Vendors who achieve more than 20000 sales while maintaining a rating of over 0.9 on PotLuck
    How does the scoring/reviewing work?

In each order, the buyer can review the vendor with the review button that is unlocked after the order is paid for. The reviewing is irreversible and can only be done once for each order. Other than the text section, buyers can choose an overall rating of positive, neutral, and negative which corresponds to +1, 0, and -1 points respectively. The score of each vendor is the sum of all overall ratings of his/her orders. The text section of the review will be displayed on the vendor’s page in the order of decreasing timestamp