DarkMarket is a darkweb marketplace that prides themselves with their customer support, buyer protection, scam prevention, and quick dispute resolution.


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Darkmarket's Logo

Darkmarket's Logo

A Listing on Darkmarket

A Listing on Darkmarket

A Group of Listings on Darkmarket

A Group of Listings on Darkmarket

According to the marketplace:

We have mods placed strategically in various geo-locales to address support tickets and disputes all within 24 hours. Our staff are friendly, paid well and trained in word analysis to spot exit scammer trying to come back under a different alias to protect the buyer and to stop scammers from using our markets. Our policy if there is a payment issue with any of our orders, to pay out the customer and /or vendor within 24 hours of the issue being report and to fix the issue after this is resolved so users of our market won’t need to wait to get paid.

A Screenshot of a Listing on Darkmarket

A Screenshot of a Listing on Darkmarket

We will be running monthly competitions and this month the prize is a 3 month premium banner advertisement on the front our site. For vendors to enter all they need to do is set up shop and post their username on the link or send it directly to support and they will be in the draw. In months to come we plan to do cash giveaways to users, this is to assist vendors by driving traffic and sales through our site. To enter, buyers simply need to make a purchase within the month and send us a message with their username and a link to their order and they will be put into the draw.



Our current Vendor bond is $100USD. If you are an established vendor and have at least 6 months of positive feedback, we may waive this fee. Each cases is judged on it’s merits and if you wanted apply for a waiver, pleease contact support.
All Vendors mus have a PGP key set up and enabled before applying to become a vendor. This is for your safety and the safety of your customers. Please remember to encrypt any sensitive communbications.
Established Vendors
If you have applied for a waiver, please inlucde a link to your vendor profile so we can verify this information. To make the process faster, please send us a signed PGP message with the key you used on other marketplaces.
Vendor Terms
Once you become a Vendor, you are welcome to set your terms and condition to suit the type of business you have and products you offer. Please remember to ensure these terms are fair and reasonable for both parties. In the unlikely event of a dispute, the terms will be relevant to a point unless they are seen as unreasonable or unfair which may result in a decision being made against you.
Finalise Early
If you are an established bendor with 6 months experience on our marketplace or 1000+ reviews on another marketplace, you may ask for FE before you ship a product. if you are found to be in violation of these terms, you may be banned.
Products / Services
DarkMarket support digital and physical goods. As a vendor, we welcome all of the products and services that you offer as long as you are not in a restricted geolocaiton and are not selling any prohibited items. If you are unsure please read our rules!


Products and Services:
You will hopefully find a wide array of products and services worldwide. When searching for a product or service it is always best to review all of the offers available in your location and make and informed decision based on which best suits your circumstances/needs. If you make a purchase in error or change your mind, you will need to abide by the sellers terms and conditions and negotiate a refund or credit directly with them. We always recommend reading a Vendors terms and conditions before buying because they can vary quite considerably.
Making a Purchase

When making a purchase and going through the checkout you will be prompted to select a payment method. At this stage we are only offering Bitcoin. Once checkedout is completed you will be given a payment address and amount in BTC. Please send this exact amount through to the address provided and your purchase will be dispached (If physical product) or sent out as soon as the coins are confirmed.

Funds will be held in escrow until such time as you have received the goods and release the funds or the payment is Autofinalsied which is 14 days. You have the option to fianlise early although we recommend waiting until you receive the goods. Some Vendors will only ship once coins have been released, please read the indicidual terms and conditions of the vendor first before purchase.

Vendors Terms
Each Vendor will have terms and conditions for their products and services. You must abide by these when making a purchase although if you do encounter an issue which cannot be resolbed between yourself and the bendor you may open a dispute. Support will assist in every way possible, a fair decision will be reached based on the individual circumstances, the buyers terms and general common sense to ensure each party receives fair and equitable treatment and has the best experience within our marketplace.
Payment issues
The amount of crypto-currency payable does not include fees for transferring coins so please ensure you transfer the exact amount shown. Failure to do this may results in a Vendor rejecting or not sending an order. If you make a larger payment than required, you may reqest for your order to be cancelled or refunded to the original payment address. Please be aware that in most cases, refunds will be processed back to the address where is originated.
Finalise Early
Some Vendors may ask you to finalise before shipping. This is within the rules although we do recommend proceeding with caution and reviewing the ratings left by others before making a purhcase of this kind. This may differ with digital products which are delivered upon payment being received.
Faulty / Wrong items
If you have received a faulty, broken or incorrect products please notify the vendor and work out a suitable resolution by either a replacement, refund or something else. If you are unable to reach a fair andn equitable resolution, please open a dispute.
Reporting Scams

If you notice any of the following, please open a support ticket straight away. Our priority is ensuring we run a safe and fair market for all users.

  • Several 1 Star Reviews
  • Scam warning from other buyers in feedback
  • Reports a vendor is scamming
  • Vendor is Selling any prohibited items
  • Vendor is selling to prohibited geolocations


● Bitcoin
● Monero
● Multisg
● Escrow
● Bitcoin Cash in the near future


Threatening and/or abusive behaviour will not be tolerate towards staff, vendors or users of the site. Please remain respectful at all times, if you have a dispute you are unable to resolve you may open a dispute or escalate a dispute to admin for review.

Actionable offences:
  • Doxxing
  • FUD
  • Threats or actual violence
  • Discrimination / Hate Speech
  • Making false or unfounded accusations

Prohibited items are products or services which are banned from our marketplace. If you are found to be selling or purchasing, discussing or offering such items, you may receive a permanent ban.

Prohibited Items:
  • Contract Killing, harmful or violent products or services
  • Guns / Weapons which discharge high velocity rounds, mame human beings or animals in any way shape or form
  • Explosives, precursors or any chemical used to produce explosives / devices
  • Child / Animal / Violent Pornography
  • Human Trafficking
  • Human / Animal Organs and/or body parts
  • Livestock / Any animal living of deceased


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