DarkBay is a MultiVendor Cryptocurrency Marketplace Platform. dBay currently offers 3 payment options Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) & Monero. The DarkBay Market is a wallet-less marketplace. This means No Depoists. No Withdrawls. You pay direct to escrow from your own wallet. This allows our marketplace to run smoothly & efficiently with out fault.

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/u/darkbay | PGP Key

DarkBay Rules

DarkBay isn't your traditional marketplace. With that being said we do try to stay as “unbolted” as possible. Failure to abide by the rules stated below will result in Permanent removal from dBay regardless of the reasoning.

Threatening & Abusive Behaviour/Language twords our Admins/Mods/Support/Reps or Users ON/OFF site is prohibited and will result in Permanent removal from DarkBay.

Bannable Offences:

If it is brought to our attention that a User/Vendor has committed one of the offences above. Said User/Vendor will be removed from DarkBay Permanently.

Here at DarkBay we try to cover all the categories of items. But there are some on that list we don't allow. Vendors be warned that if you list one of these Products/Services on this list and it is brought to our attention you will be Permanently removed from Darkbay regardless of reasoning.

Prohibited Items:

ONCE AGAIN FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK - If it is brought to our attention that a User/Vendor has committed one of the offences above. Said User/Vendor will be removed from DarkBay Permanently.

Buyer Information

Products & Services:

DarkBay offers a wide selection of Products and Services for buyers to choose from. Over 100+ different Categories/SubCategories. For the best experience possible we always advise to read the Vendors Profile & Recent Feedback before making your purchase. Few things to keep in mind when making a purchase on dBay.

Practicing Safe Market Procedures will ensure a smooth and effortless marketplace experience here on DarkBay.

Purchasing a Listing/Product:

When making a purchase and going through the DarkBay Checkout you will be asked to select a Payment Method. DarkBay offers 3 Currency Options. Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) & Monero (XMR). Once Check out is completed your will be presented with a Payment Address and Amount for the Currency you selected on the previous page. Please send this exact amount with coin tx fees to the address to provided. After Bitcoin (3 Confs), Litecoin (6 Confs), Monero (10 Confs) the coins confirm on their Blockchain the payment will be accepted and funds will be in escrow. Pending Shipment.

Funds will be held in ESCROW for 14 Days. After 14 Days The Payment will AUTOFINALIZE and be release to the Vendor. Buyers have the option to FE (Finalize Early) Although we do advise Against this. We recommend waiting until you have the Physical Product in your hands. Once again be sure to read the Vendors Profile/ToS as some vendors only ship once payment is Finalized.

Vendors Terms:

Vendors will have Terms of Services/ Terms and Conditions for their Products/Services. As a Buyer you must abide by these when making your purchase. If a Buyer & Vendor come to a disagreement, Support will be there to help come to a resolution. Remember as a Buyer if the Vendor does not have FE permissions you do not have to FE. ( Finalizing Early is a Choice you and you alone should make that choice).

Faulty / Wrong items:

If you placed a order with a Vendor and received the wrong product or service please bring it to our attention. (If this is over a Major amount in ex. 1000 and got 100 it is acceptable to start a dispute) If it's shy a few please work it out with the Vendor best as possible. Each Dispute will be decided on a Case by Case Basis.
Reporting Scams/Scammers:

As a Buyer if you notice any suspicious profiles with excessive 1 Star reviews and negative feedback please bring this to our attention immediately.

Vendor Information


DarkBays Vendor Bond is Currently $125 (This Price Can Change At Any Time). If you are a Vendor on another Market and have 3+ Months of Positive Feedback you may be entitled to have the Vendor Bond Waved. Please Contact Support and Provide them the information needed. Upon submitting the requested information needed we will decide weather or not to waive the fee.


In order to become a Vendor you must enable PGP on your profile. This is not only for You the Vendors safety but the safety of the Buyers aswell. Please Practice Safe Market Procedures and ensure that all your Contact/Chat info is encrypted with said PGP Key.

Established Vendors:

If you are submitting a support ticket to have the Vendor Bond waived please submit the proper profile links for us to verify you. Failure to Provide us proof will result in a Closure of your support ticket. When submitting the Profile Links be sure to Sign them with your PGP Key so we can Verify you.

Vendor Terms:

Once you have Purchased Your Vendor Bond and the Payment has verified on the Blockchain. You are welcome to set your ToS/TaC (Terms of Service/Terms and Conditions). Please keep in mind to make the ToS/TaC simple and to the point for the Buyer to understand. In the event of a dispute your ToS/TaC will help use be able to process the dispute in a fair way.

Finalize Early:

FE Will Be Available For Vendors with $100K+ In Sales or 6 Months of ALL Positive Feedback. (Negatives will be reviewed on a case by case basis).

Products and Services:

dBay Allows Vendors to Sell both Physical Goods & Digital Products/Services. As a Vendor we are Welcome to any Product or Service you list as long as the said Listing don't Violate DarkBay Rules. Please be sure to read the Rules Section above to ensure your Products or Service is allow on dBay.

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