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Colombia Connection

Accoding to the marketplace, ColombiaConnection is a marketplace made by TOR vendor.


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Why Colombiaconnection Marketplace?

Colombiaconnection is the only one TOR open marketplace made by a real TOR vendor. With more than 10 years as reputed physical and digital goods vendor in more than 20 marketplaces and tired of exit-scams, clumsy, rude and inefficient mods and admins I decide release a free and open marketplace backed by my name and reputation, u can refer to RECON to know some of my history in TOR.

By many evidences that I have collected in all my years as TOR vendor, I conclude that majority of the current online marketplaces are the result of a monopoly of programmers that have two or more marketplace online and another “darker” story has to do with the existence of some marketplaces that are owned by administrators who in the past did exit-scam with markets called and designed differently but that retain identical lines of code, in other words, they are the same scammers admins, who have come back again to TOR with another design and another name. Owners of sites as Apollon, Empire, Deepsea and Cryptonia are in the game again getting richer with the money that they stole from you in the past and with the money that you are now leaving them in their commission systems.


We promote the human right to use drugs, the right to hallucinate to experience unique states of consciousness that are only accessible through the spiritual portal that drugs create between our consciousness and other levels of consciousness. We promote the freedom of information, and we are against the monopoly of this in any of its expressions.

We promote and demand immediate worldwide drugs legalization and access, while rich countries as the United States get even richer with the recreational and medicinal marijuana business, poor countries as Colombia fill their prisons with poor citizens persecuted for producing and commercializing drugs in small doses in streets.

We hate corporations, especially financial, who dedicate themselves to be enriched by abusing the use of money and the rights of the middle class and the poor.

Site Rules

Below you can read all Markeplaces Rules for Users, Buyers and Vendors

The rules, conditions, and terms that you will read below are absolute and mandatory, any omission or violation of one or more of them will cause your account to be suspended temporarily or permanently. If you consider that the measure has been unfair or wrong, you can file an appeal through a private message on our Dread channel

We reserve the right to respond to the appeal if the rules violation has been flagrant and systematic.

We can collect a bond to cancel the account suspension in case that our staff decides to do so and if our rules violation hasn’t been serious or systematic.

1.0 General Rules:

1.1 By registering an account, you agreed to all terms of service and rules of Colombiaconnection Marketplace. If u isn’t agreed u can request your account deletion through a ticket or simply never use this.

1.2 This is a free and open marketplace, but we have some restrictions in lists publications/requests below u can see our restrictions and PROHIBITED LISTS:

***   1.2.1*** Child Porn.

***   1.2.2*** Weapons.

***   1.2.3*** Terrorism.

***   1.2.4*** Torture.

***   1.2.5*** Poisons.

***   1.2.6*** Lethal or Toxic.

***   1.2.7*** Doxxing.

***   1.2.8*** Assassination services.

***   1.2.9**** Fentanyl.*

NOTE 1*: Any listing posting by a vendor or request by a buyer related to these prohibited items will result in immediate lifetime termination of the violator’s account without the right to appeal of any kind. Any market user who discovers a violation of these is obliged to report it immediately through the* “Report” button on each of the lists or by opening a support ticket.

1.3 Each user will be responsible for the items that he/she list, sells/buys; admin, staff and moderators’ marketplace just control the non-existence of mentioned items in 1.2 section of this rules, lists with irrelevant, troll or absurd items will be removed by staff.

1.4 To prevent phishing and fraud our Admin, Staff Members, Moderators and Vendors username have a tag on the right of username that does the hierarchy of them in brackets ( example[tag] ), and it’s very important to clarify that none of our members, administrators, staff or moderators have a obviously username, for example, you’ll never find a moderator whose username is “Moderator” or  an administrator whose username is “Moderator” always the user names of them will be arbitrary and will not be the same of the labels you will never find things like this: Admin[Admin], Mod[Moderator], Staff[Staff]. the correct way as they appear will be as in this example:












1.5 FE listings is prohibited and not available in our marketplace.

1.6 Don’t offer/accept any offers on how to complete the deals outside the marketplace.

1.7 Don’t offer/accept offers to use an outside escrow service.

1.8 Be respectful to others. No flaming, which means no insults nor abuse.

1.9 Don’t create duplicate auctions. Multiple identical auctions aren’t allowed.

1.10 Don’t advertise other marketplaces.

1.11 The staff has the final say on all the subjective matters and all the matters not listed in the rules.

1.12 We have hot-wallet available in our marketplace, but never use this as your personal wallet to save cryptos, always withdraw your balance to your personal wallet because funds can be lost if marketplace close, busted or seized and Colombiaconnection Staff will not be responsible for these losses.

1.13 Our main payment system is Direct Payment created to minimize the risk of losing funds for Buyers and Vendors. How does it work? While a user creates an order, we generate a unique payment address (Monero or Bitcoin). The user transfers funds to the given address. After order completion, we transfer funds from the same address to the Vendor’s payout address or Buyer’s one, in case of a refund. One thing to remember is: while Simple Escrow is a way much better system than the conventional wallet system, it’s still not an ideal one. In the case of the Market’s closure or seizure, all funds held on Escrow are locked.

1.14 We support two cryptocurrencies for the moment: Monero (XMR) and Bitcoin (BTC).

1.15 Confirmations required to be credited:




 10 network confirmations




 2 network Confirmations


1.16 We encourage all buyers and vendors to use Monero. While Bitcoin is still the most popular cryptocurrency, it’s not an anonymous one that’s why we actively promote Monero, which is the best solution to keep the transactions anonymous.

1.17 Although our messaging system is password encrypted, we recommend PGP-encrypting all messages that are exchanged on the site, sensitive information about shipping addresses, names, nicknames or contact, would be discovered by third parties if the site is intercepted.

1.18 We strongly recommend enable 2FA authentication.

1.19 Scamming and wicked conduct can be detected quite fast and results in even faster action by our staff.

1.20 Never use insecure third-party services like Igolder, privnote, or any online tool to manage your PGP or message encryption, we recommend tools like Kleopatra from Gpg4win or Portable PGP (Remember donate to this projects).

1.21 Always setup your Monero wallet address and Bitcoins a wallet address on Profile – Settings - Payment Addresses is the only way that funds can be refunded in the case that user/vendor win/lost a dispute or order refund, and the coins don’t go to the marketplace hot- wallet.

1.22 General marketplace Fees:


Income hot-wallet


**       $1**


Hot-wallet withdraws


**      0.5%**


2.0 Users Rules:

2.1 You’re the account owner and unique and absolute responsible of your activity.

2.2 Users only have the right to claim to staff for transactions made into Colombiaconnection system, never report, or open a ticket, to claim in about another marketplace or P2P transactions.

2.3 The fact that you place an order in the store of any vendor, will be understood as having accepted the Terms and Conditions of him, if you initiate a claim or dispute for something that was warned in the terms and conditions of the seller, you will lose.

2.4 In digital items never open a dispute if u receive what u pay for but service is not good for u, if u don’t know how to use or simple u said, “I don’t need now”.

2.5 Try to resolve your disagreements with the products/services purchased directly with the seller before opening a dispute, this may be the fastest way to resolve a situation, in Colombiaconnection we have vendors always ready to solve their customers problems.

2.6 You’ll be held responsible for any actions carried out by your account.

2.7 You’ll leave feedback accordingly.

2.8 Is mandatory that u report suspicious behavior to the market staff.

2.9 Not spam.

2.10 Never threaten a vendor with leave a negative feedback if he doesn’t agree to abusive demands on your side, this behavior will cause your lifetime account banning and if u has funds in your wallet, they will not be returned to you.

2.11 For vendor’s respect, always mark orders as delivered when u receive them.

2.12 Keep your wallet low in balance for personal safety and insurance.

2.13 Is mandatory encrypt your shipping/sensitive information with vendor’s PGP PUBLIC KEY, best recommended encryption bit is 4096bit.

2.14 Buyers should never share, describe, or discuss vendor’s stealth on any forums or markets. (Permanent ban)

2.15 In physical items never ask to vendor for shipping methods, stealth methods, courier company, etc.

2.16 Never request free samples to vendors.

2.17 In physical items case, never request a 100% delivery guarantee from vendor specially if u order drugs, is obviusly that there is a significant risk level that packets will be seized. All physical items transactions have a shared risk beetwen vendor-buyer.

2.18 Never try to go for free items (scam vendor) reporting credentials, services or info listed on vendor store but u never bought, as “doesn’t works” and requesting a replace.

3.0 Vendor Rules:

3.1 PGP PUBLIC KEY is mandatory for vendors, if u don’t have setup this, u can’t list items.

3.2 Establish and write clearly and precisely general Terms and Conditions store and which will be considered accepted by a buyer who places an order in your store, none of your rules should be against or above the rules of this marketplace. If one or more items have special considerations, please write this on “Item Details”.

3.3 Never create FE lists never include this term as request on items title, descriptions, tags or ToS.

3.4 Misleading, irrelevant, troll or absurd listing will receive a permanent ban.

3.5 Always remind buyers to encrypt sensitive information when placing orders, never store buyers’ information unencrypted in your device. U have the right to cancel and order that have buyer sensitive info exposed in order message or PM.

3.6 I suggest u establish a “warranty code” for each item listed in your store that will be delivered to customers in the order message as a method to prevent a scammer from trying to get free information or products by sending direct messages and reporting information that doesn’t work or products that haven’t arrived without any evidence of being a legit customer.

3.7 Any poor packaging of parcel/shipments reported by buyers will be notify as warning. Multiple warning will cause suspend of vendor’s account.

3.8 Clone or duplicate Listing aren’t allowed, just if u consider that one item is necessary list in max. 3 categories, in any case, this conduct will be review by our moderators.

3.9 Don’t change item terms and conditions in dispute, our system notify us about this change and u will be banned lifetime and your funds will be caught.

3.10 In digital items u have 72 hours for replace bad logins, info, tools, etc.

3.11 In physical items be clean in your Terms and Conditions if u have a re-ship or re-fund policy.

3.12 All users that want acquire a Vendor account in the marketplace, need pay a US$300 fee.

3.13 A free vendor bond is available to stablished TOR vendors with below conditions:

**     3.13.1** You must use the same PGP key on as you have used to have on the accounts you want us to verify.

**     3.13.2** You are required to have at least 100 positive successful transactions from three other markets combined or from one market.

**     3.13.3** At least a 95% positive feedback ratio.

**     3.13.4** If none of your accounts are active anymore, your PGP key has to be verifiable on sources like Recon or DarkNet Trust.

**     3.13.5** We only accept SIGNED applications.

**     3.13.6** Please provide all past and present (verifiable) market history.

**     3.13.7** We will not respond to unsigned applications and/or applications without proof of past and/or present market activity.

**     3.13.8** To apply as a vendor, you need to enable 2 Factor Autenthication.

**     3.13.9** We reserve the right to deny your request, without giving any reason.

4.0 Disputes Resolution Criteria:

We Insist, try to resolve your disagreements with vendors about products/services purchased before opening a dispute, this may be the fastest way to resolve a situation, use the dispute option as the last choice to solve your problem.

4.1 Take strong arguments, be clear and detail very well the causes for which you have open a dispute and provide all evidences that u have (if u need attach images as evidences please upload to winx* and include image link into the dispute-chat, please schedule image expiry to 1 week).*

4.2 If within 72 hours after dispute was open, buyer/vendor hasn’t replied to this, it will be resolved on the contrary party favor.

4.3 The first reference source to take decisions about dispute will be the marketplace rules.

4.4 Second reference source to take decisions about dispute will be the vendor Terms of Services.

4.5 If the vendor doesn’t have clean Terms of Services published in his store, a dispute decision will be taken in the buyer favor.

4.6 If dispute system is being used by the buyer to try to get a free item or simply scam the seller, the dispute will be resolved immediately in vendor’s favor and the buyer will be permanently banned.

4.7 In physical items case, the seller will be asked for shipment proof as receipts or tracking numbers, in case that hasn’t these, the dispute will be resolved in the buyer’s favor. But if the vendor specifies in Shipping Method, that an item is shipped by standard mail (without tracking) a 50/50 agreement will be made.

4.8 In all cases in which the parties can’t reach an agreement or that neither of them has been able to provide substantive proof, the moderator may arbitrarily decide who will be the winner of the dispute or if there will be a tie.



The marketplace administrator may update/upgrade/change rules written here arbitrarily and at any time, any change will be announced in our news section in the index our site index be careful.

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