Berlusconi Market

Berlusconi Market claims their vision is to be the darknet's most customer centric darknetmarket.


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Berlusconi Market claims their vision is to be the darknet’s most customer centric darknetmarket.

Admins Arrested in Italy


A source has claimed Europol seized the market on September 22. The source is more credible than the nonsense from the usual occupants of the peanut gallery. The claim is still unverified however some of the information checks out. Edit The have been arrested.

Subdread: /d/BerlusconiMarket

According to market staff:

Berlusconi Market is a darknet market on the Tor network, devoted to the sale of various items, both legal and illicit. Berlusconi Market uses Bitcoins, Litecoin and Monero as currency, which allows for near-instant payments and total anonymity when used correctly. The market’s primary focus is pharmaceuticals and chemicals, but other item categories exist as well.

  • No Bitcoin deposit
  • Berlusconi Market doesn’t require deposit bitcoins. Just our hardened bitcoin escrow.
  • Our vision is to be darknet’s most customer centric darknet-market.
  • Berlusconi Market’s Staff wishes to add a lot of new features in order to provide the best experience to Vendors and Buyers. Help us with  your brilliant ideas!
The Main Page for Berlusconi Market

The Main Page for Berlusconi Market

Berlusconi News

May 24: Italian Police Busted g00d00, a Prolific Darkweb Vendor

Berlusconi Reviews

Reviews (52)
Cannot login anymore - PGP-verification is not working anymore. Field is always blank :(
Working fine for me
Love them.
I can log in just fine.....not having any issues as of yet. So far I will give a 5-STAR rating even though still awaiting my orders. This rating could change if things change, but so far I am impressed!
ooooooooooooooooo man
This morning is No possible log in.
The same at 00:19 - no log in. FUCK!
havent been able to login in all day!!!
can-t acces fuckkkkkk
they banned me, have not listened my words and hold my btc in escrow.... bad bad bad
Exit scam
The market was exit scammed . I lost $654
The market was exit scammed . I lost $654
Where are news about exit scam?
Used the market loads was great havnt been on for 1 month and now cant get past CAPTCHA! Any news on whats happening with it or other markets?
guys,do something with the security,you doing like silk road?i hope not.
Couldn't log in the whole day as well. Hope it's not permanent down. Lost about € 120,- not soooo much but found a lot of interesting items to buy. Probably have to search anywhere else...
wtf I want to login and it doesn´t work since days... hope that the vendor sent my order before the site went down...
Berlusconi market was exit scam
I ordered 100g amnesia haze the only thing that satisfie me is that the order was accepted and the vendor was waighting for shipping
no login possible, capcha repeats itself constantly
It is not captha problem , it is a exit scam I lost $2800 in berlusconi
Are you sure? Definately exit scam? Made the same bad exit scam experience with Nightmare Market about 1 month ago...FUCK!!!!!! Berlusconi was a hope.... And now? Which one will be the next when I deposit B-coins on my wallet? I'm afraid to loose it again...
NEWS!!!!!! Just got that message from an Empire's vendor: "Berlusconi is upgrading site, so it should come back by end of the day today." Hopefully. Let's see.....
I hope they just upgrading it <3
No man admin confirmed it was exit chance of coming back
It was exit scam ,Berlusconi was exhausted it was confirmed . Admin ran away with btc .
If it's true and the admin really ran away with BTC I'm really really glad that BTC lost value!
Made 2 really good orders over 2 months & 1 so so deal. I been getting the captcha issue 2days now. I hope not a scam. granted I ony have like 25$ in acct. I really dont want to have 2 build cred up elsewhere. I had a really good supplier...
12:47 pm – Wednesday, 2 October 2019 – Berlusconi market may be seized. At this time we are in the process of gathering sufficient proofs that we can use to make an announcement, So we will need to wait a bit more for the situation to clear. Side Note: A PR member of Berlusconi Market made an announcement in which he states “We are not exit scamming we have internal issues with our Marketplace our admin Vladimir Putin has some real life issues and he is expected to be online in next few days we didn’t and will not betray our customers and vendors.” Remember: PR members are just spokesmen for the market. They don’t have any access to the backend systems. So their announcement is useless in this kind of situation. Admin Darknetstats [Removed Clearnet URL]
So let's wait and see....and hope...and pray...and what ever...
The market is offline for one moment please use this market: http://jdrleegzdsm6nge2.onion/ref/1076922 Is best market online
The market is confirmed a exit scam . The admin ran away with btc
still cant get past captcha, im glad I cashed out a week before problems started
It's 100% exit scam never come back . Ran with btc
I lost $2600 with berlusconi
Dear all, I have had contact with X-MEN, who are online on Apollon, and they asked to give this info to all customers of them on Berlusconi, that they are online and store open on Apollon! After all the problems with berlusconi and them also waiting for it to hopefully go back online, they asked to let all know they can be found on Apollon
First order and this was off I lost 600dlls any other market you recommend
dam, i have credit there, but now where to shop? they all seems to get scammed lately
I just rcvd 1 of 2 orders from Berlesconi, but they were also mailed before any issues logging on began. Still waiting on one order sent on 9/20....said 14 bus days. we shall see.
Me too. 1 of 2 orders arrived. Can`t log in
Nightmare, now Berlusconi ... WTF
I did a 650 euro depoist and then the same day i changed my mind and tried to do a withdrawl and i couldnt, so i waited one day and wrote a message to admin which answered me that it soon would be fixed. I didnt believe a word so i made 2 orders to use them while i had the chance, i did the orders. They were sent and the day after the DDOS/captcha problem started. Good damn i was lucky this time. 1/2 orders has arrived so far.
Fuck this shit, every market thats been running for 4-5+ months is a risk. The more time goes by, the more admins are thinking about doing a exit scam before risking getting caught. I have been using this new market now i found here on DL and its a fresh new market with a OK amount of products, it also seems more secure and serious so thats my tips to everyone: bupx6zpi6qjcbbjdhtzekxr6uwu5b4kfgrx5nowjh7jgrhvhebsbssyd.onion/register?ref=38cdjjizng7q5rwjee1
I am loooking for a vendor that I use to buy good counterfeit from, he wickr is (minecash) but for some reasons he isn't writing since yesterday and the market is down, do anyone now how I can reach him?
hi can any one give correct link for good business deals
they exit scammed, if they were arrested one month ago; why no new news?
Berl is not scam , market and admin is arrested . Europol 3 months monitoring all tranzactions and reading private messages , have 127.000 home adreess of buyers and arrested 3 vendors :) .. like a hansa sytuation

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