Hydra Market Claims Downtime is Due to DDoS Attacks, Not Police

Hydra Market Claims Downtime is Due to DDoS Attacks, Not Police

In a post first covered by German news site DW, the world heard that the Russian darknet market Hydra had been seized by law enforcement. On Telegram, the official Hydra bot denied the claims, brushing them off as false information. The German news outlet DW then deleted their post and an author at Deep Dot Web picked up the story. Hydra marketplace, although insignificant in the East, has grown in popularity in Russia. The Russian Anonymous MarketPlace (RAMP) dominated the market before Russian law enforcement stealthily removed the market/forum from the onionsphere.

Hydra MarketHydra, along with smaller markets like WayAway and BlackMart have since risen. The DW post brought confusion to Russian darknet market users and forum posters; it lacked any sense of direction, but precautions had to be taken. The Hyrda bot has taken this into account and compensated for the apparent FUD. Market staff created the account several months ago, but posts only started flowing towards the end of November and have only increased in frequency since then. Half a dozen or more every day.

Dear friends, guests and regulars Hydra! In connection with the violation of the stable operation of the resource due to the DDos attack, we have just stopped all the timers.
Pre-orders, orders, disputes, payment of rent, – all timers are stopped! There is no longer any reason for unrest. The situation is under control. Please, wait now for the resumption of the stable operation of the resource.

With respect to you, the Hydra team.

The tactics resemble those used by law enforcement after subtly taking control of a darknet forum or market. Russian law enforcement have not been known to utilize this tactic in the past and it is far more likely the market is undergoing a series of DDoS attacks. As is the Russian norm.