SamSara Market Vendor Guidelines

SamSara Market is the official Dream Market replacement that launched after Dream Market shut down. This is a guide to vending on SamSara market for darkweb vendors.

Before you register as a vendor, make sure that you have no open orders i.e. orders in which you have bought from another vendor (this is for your own OpSec). Then, simply deposit the bond amount (currently 0.1000), go to the application page, and press “Apply”. Your vendor account activated, you can begin setting up your profile and managing your offers. The vendor bond will be returned whenever you decide to revoke your vendor status. Vendor application page may be found here

Trusted status & FE Privileges

If you had trusted vendor status at DM, then that can be added to your account, just message a moderator. Likewise if you are a professional seller having earned FE privileges at DM, and ending with your account in good standing, please message support so that they can enable your privileges.

As a vendor you promise not to engage in

Feedback padding/self-rating
Requesting FE if you are not authorized
Direct deals (DD)
Scamming customers

Allowable vs. Forbidden Items

We can probably minimise the length of this section by starting with what is allowed.

Drugs, whether licit or illicit, are allowed.

We're aware other markets have gone through an amusing charade of banning certain substances (namely fentanyl), under some operant belief (or delusion) that by banning fentanyl, LE may be less likely to go after the illegal drug market's operators (versus those of another market that openly sells it, say). This is misguided. Especially since the banned drug was and still is readily found on those same markets.

If there is demand for a substance, by informed users, then it could be argued that the product will be bought and sold regardless, by being misbranded. It is better to offer people the chance to gain information about harm reduction and the chance at choosing products to help with cessation when/if they choose to quit. We believe that the mislabeling or misbranding of fentanyl is a much bigger problem than the fentanyl HCl molecule itself (or its analogues) ever could be. Therefore these drugs are permitted so long as they are properly labeled.

We will be monitoring this category closely.
Digital items.
Here we offer a sophisticated, easy-to-use platform. Digital-orders especially, are simple to queue-up and dispatch using the familiar interface.
Other arbitragable items, goods, and services.
—a sector of the market that has historically been under-served. For virtually anyone on the planet there is opportunity available to become a seller. There may even be items that are perfectly legal in your locale, yet are banned elsewhere. Whenever there is a disparity (in price, legality, or quality) there exists opportunity to bridge that economic gap and make some profit. Examples here could be (certain) types of electronics, anonymous currency exchange services, or duty-free cigarettes.

Put very simply: when the product to be sold is not intended to facilitate the deliberate physical harm or death of another living being–and also not derived from same–then it is likely allowed.
All other items are, by definition, banned and strictly verbieten

For those who still need this spelled out:

IF you attempt to buy/sell poisons, biological weapons, or offer assassination services:
→ you are either scamming or you are LE. Go elsewhere.
IF you attempt to buy/sell video/audio/imagery involving the suffering of another living being, person/animal etc
→ your account will be terminated. Click off this site now.
IF you attempt to sell anything whatsoever untoward involving children:
→ your account will be terminated. GTFO


How Much is the Vendor Bond on SamSara Market?


It Costs 0.1000 BTC to sell on SamSara Market as a vendor.

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