What is the 2019 Dream Market Replacement?

In March 2019, Dream Market announced that the market would be shutting down. A partner company would be launching a market as a Dream replacement. In early July, Dream Market’s replacement–SamSara Market–has launched. SamSara is the new Dream Market.

The new site is nearly identical to the original Dream Market.

SamSara Market Addresses


More about SamSara Market Samsara Market below.

The SamSara Market Homescreen

The SamSara Market Homescreen

SamSara Market Guides

SamSara Features

  • Featured escrow market platform
  • Uses Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to increase anonymity
  • Escrow system is designed for buyer and seller protection.
  • Functionality of the site matches what users expect.
  • Favourite vendors list
  • First market with anti-phishing measures that completely defeat transparent MitM proxies!
  • New Community page to decide what features get implemented.
  • Search form that works perfectly.
  • Search based on geographic location, like country or continent, keywords, price, etc
  • There is no paid ‘stickies’ or ads. This only costs vendors money and pisses off customers.
  • Our dual-rating system allows buyers to rate sellers and sellers to rate their customers.
  • For completed transactions, reviews can be edited at any time.
  • For vendors, import your stats from other markets and show them on your profile.
  • Sellers can list different products in different currencies.
  • Currencies are automatically converted at the current average of worldwide exchange rates.
  • Easy to use messaging system with conversations.
  • Trading fees (4%) are transparent and fully disclosed on your dashboard.
  • Sellers have a full product and order management system.
  • Easily set multiple, per-item, shipping prices.
  • 2FA login and automatic message encryption (configurable).
  • Ability to recover lost passwords with PIN numbers.
  • Add a security password for purchases/withdrawals.
  • 100% Javascript-free Stay safe with us, we don’t even use it.
  • NO icon fonts used. Bootstrap / FontAwesome → not awesome. They are unoptimized and have no suitable fallback. They really have no place on a dark market.
  • Professional, no-nonsense team
  • Everything just works, allowing you to focus on trading.

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What is the 2019 Dream Market Replacement?

After Dream Market shut down in 2019, which market replaced it?

Answer: SamSara

SamSara Market, a new market, is the 2019 Version of Dream Market

Answer: Officially?

SamSara Market is the official replacement for Dream Market

Answer: Possibly SamSara

Most agree that SamSara Market is a good Dream Market replacement

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The Announcement

On Dread, former Dream Market staff member WaterChain posted the following text as an announcement:

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Dear users of dread, i have great news!
I can say by this that Dream Market is gone and that there is a complete new market.
A fresh market named : SamSara market!
The market is a updated version of dream market!
The staff is all prepared to handle a big user base as before.
We are willing to stay forever, and serve every customer & vendor as before.
This is the market we need right now, with the right security and support.

There will be free waivers for the first 500 trusted vendors.

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The mirrors can be found on the right sidebar.

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Samsara - it is the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.


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