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How to Open a Vendor Account on Empire Market

Below are the steps required to open a vendor account on Empire Market and begin selling any products less those forbidden by the market. The vendor bond costs $500.

Accessing Empire Market

The Vending Guide

Vendor Account

Here you can activate your vendor account. Take time to read the vendor rules below, check the box, and click one of the payment buttons. After that, you will be able to create listings and start selling here. Be careful to acknowledge the rules, as breaching them may result in account suspension.

1: FE (Finalized Early) is not permitted unless you get explicit permission later. You will get banned without refund if you ask for FE without permission.

2: Digital orders auto-finalize after 48 hours, and physical orders auto-finalize after 14 days.

3: If you get too many scam reports, we may revoke your vendor account at any time.

4: There is a USD $500 vendor bond (0.05957672 BTC / 8.72600349 LTC / 8.41609157 XMR).

5: All sellers must have a PGP key in their profile before starting to sell.

6: Prostitution, child porn and murder services are not permitted.

7: Any dox threat will result in an immediate ban.

8: Two-factor authentication (2FA) is mandatory for all vendors.

9: Vendors must accurately describe their products in their listings. If we find your listings are completely inaccurate, you will be banned with no warning.

10: Dealing outside of the market is not permitted. Any vendor caught dealing outside of the market, using apps like Wickr Me will be banned immediately.

11: The vendor fee is not refundable. This is to protect the market from scammers.

12: Weapons are not permitted to be sold. Any weapons listed will result in removal and immediate vendor ban.