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Helium Community Forum is the only community forum where any user can sell and buy goods or services without the need to pay for listing their products at our marketplace.

There is however, a minimal cost in terms of percentage where the forum will charge 3% from every goods and services sold. We advice our sellers to up their charges by 3% to not feel a dent in the long run.

The platform operates on a system where users must have their respective credits credited before making a purchase. As in, a top up recharge account must be maintained by the users. Once the credits run out users can have it recharged by directly contacting the support line at Helium@jabber.calyxinstitute.org

The credits will be worth at 1 dollar per share where in 1 credit will be equal to 1 dollar. We encourage, promote and support any business except for child pornography. Users can buy and sell anything except for child pornography which will not be entertained at all. Users trespassing this rule will have their accounts permanently deleted and will not be given another account to operate from.

We, the Helium Community Forum developers, understand the biggest challenge of an online portal is security. Therefore, the team has not compromised and ensured we’ve taken extra measures to make sure our clients have don’t face any issues with the security we provide.

What you need to know about our security system?
The forum itself is an escrow based system designed to prevent scammers. Since the forum is escrow based, buyers are 100% secure. Meaning, after a purchase has been made, even though the sellers account is credited with the amount, the seller cannot withdraw it for the next 3 hours. This is also the same amount of time given to the buyer to launch a complaint should they find the product purchased not up to the mark or non-satisfying. If there is no fault found the transfer will be pulled through in the next 3 business hours. All goods and services are to be examined by the buyers and not the admins / mods.

Password policy.
To ensure admins does not and will not change anyone’s username or password, we advice everyone to have their own Security Questions, Answers, and PIN. The management will not be held responsible should a user choose to not do so.

Protection from fraudsters and scammers.
Protect yourself from people who may contact you posing as one of the admins or mods by not giving out any of your details. And, should an unfortunate event as such occur, The Helium Community Forum admins can be contacted at Helium@jabber.calyxinstitute.org to have the issue at hand sorted out at the earliest.