A place where normal people talk about normal things.

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A place where normal people talk about normal things.


  1. You may not use this site to commit crime
  2. Be mindful of derailing people’s threads

References about the above:

We don’t particularly care that you might have committed a crime, typically a drugs one for example but we very much do care if you drag us into it.

On a practical basis that means vendors cannot advertise here, and you can’t get people to help you break the law. By recruiting their help they are breaking the law and by us allowing it, we are breaking the law too. This comes under “Assisting in the commission of an offense” and is a crime in it’s own right.

“Dude this is bullshit use an onion site bro” – go use Dread instead. These are the rules for here and we’re on the clear net.

Community guidelines are enforced by the community, users have 3 flags a day they can “spend”, posts, users and whole topics can be closed once the requisite flags have been reached.