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  • DMHQ
    • 8EDF E567 A3C4 0210 B1ED 3A7F 2A22 3469 5E23 C44A
    • 2A2234695E23C44A

About DMHQ

DMHQ is a forum created for the entire darknetmarket community where everyone can discuss, advertise(free) and post comments. We provide harm reduction services such as EnergyControl codes for free and a section dedicated to Harm Reduction. There is no paid Ads on this forum, the only way of funding is via Donations. There is a dedicated forum section for DutchMasters & Resellers, all the other sections are created for any vendor, market-admin or user. DMHQ is a acronym for 2 things: - -=DarknetMarkets Headquarters=- and/or -=DutchMasters Headquarters=- Whichever you feel fits :) Here are some of the basic functions of our forum:

Registering - Many forums require users to register to gain full access.
Logging In - Once registered, users must login to access their account.
Profile - Each member has their own personal profile.
Hide your online status - If you want you can hide your activity on this forum so no one can see your username when your online. Go to profile settings to change this.
Posting - The whole point of a forum, posting allows users to express themselves.
Bulletin Board Code (BBC) - Posts can be spiced up with a little BBC.
Personal Messages - Users can send personal messages to each other. (Click the report button if you get spam)
Memberlist - The memberlist shows all the members of a forum.
Feedback system for direct deals - Feedback rating system for Buyers and Sellers. Rate direct-deals you do with a vendor!

Operated by DutchMasters.