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DNMAvengers is a substance oriented forum dedicated to harm reduction via discussion & the testing of substances bought on Crypto-Markets

We’d appreciate if you took a moment to read this to avoid there being any issues

We have a few rules that we wish you will abide by which are listed here: Avengersdutyk3xf.onion/index.php?topic=3

But as a quick note:

If you are here to sell drugs, talk about fraud or other imoral acts then please exit out as this is not the forum for you and your posts will be deleted.

If you encounter any Spam or possibly malicious private messages, please report them.

This may include people offering to sell you any substances, or people whom send market referral links, please note that the market referral links could be completely false and you could end up being sent to a fake site that will steal your bitcoin, so please do report anything suspicious.

Lastly, we do not allow members below 1 forum post to send PMs, this is to stop spam.

DNM Avengers Rules

1st Violation: Deletion of post/comment and warning

2nd Violation: 7 Day Temp-Ban

3rd Violation: Permanent-Ban

General rules:

1. Prohibited discussion (Permanent ban)

– Child Abuse

– Animal Abuse

– Weapons & Explosives

– Fraud

– No Fentanyl(including Analogs) Discussion Regarding Vendors, Vendor Reviews, Sourcing or Manufacturing/Adding/Introducing into Substances or Presses

Any discussion, at all regarding these subjects will result in an permanent ban.

2. No doxxing (Permanent ban)

No personal information is allowed to be posted

3. No trading (Permanent ban)

No sales are allowed to go through this site (Permanent ban)

4. No spam

This includes:

– Advertisements

– Malicious Links

– Referral Links

5: No invite links, in posts nor in signatures

If there any rules that you feel are missing or unclear, do please leave a comment.