TL;DR: RSS, Atom, Json

One can access various types of feeds for use in RSS readers and other syndication programs. Currently I have set up RSS (index.xml), Atom (feed.atom), and Json (index.json). The easiest and least specific way to get a feed of darknetlive is to add index.xml to this site’s index page. Alternatively, you can obtain the Atom feed by adding /feed.atom to the same page. And for Json, /index.json. The feeds from the index page include all news articles under the /post/ directory, announcements, and various infrequent updates.

For more granular control of the feed, you can add any of the following extensions to many of the section pages on this site. For example, /post/index.xml is a feed with only content from the post directory. Similarly, if there is a specific tag you want too monitor, you can add one of the above extensions to the url /tags/darkweb-vendors/ to access a feed containing only news articles about darkweb vendors. And although I do not see the use in doing so, you can access content from a specific author the same way.

The three most useful feed URLs for the majority of people will simply be accessing the feed by adding the aforementioned extensions to the base URL or homepage.