Darkmarket is now using EndGame

From Darkmarket staff Redlotus:


Darkmarket is now using the endgame DDOS filter! This filter essentially shields the market from ddosing.

For those of you who were sleeping under a dwayne the rock johnson :P : /post/5e40aa87f1bc99df2b20

Firstly i would like to thank paris and hugbunter for helping the community with another amazing project first recon and now this!

Days before the market was being hit by bots trying to phish users so this couldn’t have come at a better time.

I have noticed that some users are struggling with the captcha and again Paris was kind enough to post this helpful explanation that can be found here /post/c826a845dca7b70a22cf/

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Look for the lines of icons who share the similar color and then the boldness of the icons themselves.

With the help of our community, we will continue to do our best to run Darkmarket in a transparent way, accompanied by strong security practices & blazing-fast marketplace speed. As paris had said with a united front the darknet shall thrive as never before.

The Endgame DDOS Filter announcement from /u/Paris:

It has been a long time coming but I am very glad to announce the release of the endgame DDOS filter. Consisting of literal thousands of lines of code using 8 open source projects, 6 open source NGINX modules, 6 open source libraries and MONTHS worth of work and testing. It is now here ready for community use.

When I get time I’ll setup a git and put it on it. However you can get v1 of the official endgame script here.

Archive SHA256: 7d2cea94ff260e80a2882d0488ad2d9f25def426e9c22ca04876c160d4584f09

The included README.MD has all the information about endgame, what is included, how to customize it and how it set it up. Below is only what is endgame.

EndGame Onion Service DDOS Prevention Front System

Provided by Dread and White House Market. With help from Big Blue Market and Empire Market.

EndGame is

Main Features

EndGame isn’t perfect. It can’t protect against introduction cell type attacks (the Tor project will need to add POW at the introduction points to fix that). But it does provide good protection and scaling which makes it much harder to take you down overall for whatever people throw at you.

This all is a major step forward for the darknet community. Never give in to the extorting DDOSERS. You are only paying to be attacked with more power in the future. Instead stand together and say “NO”. As a united front we will reach heights never seen before.