Pushing Taboo (Gamma Goblin)


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Hello, dear traveller, and welcome to the GammaGoblin Multiverse 2.0

Once again we’re available at pushingtabu7itqj.onion with a completely new shop app!

We’ve been pushing the taboo since January 2012.

We’ve been a part of Silk Road v1 and v2, Sheep Marketplace, Black Market Reloaded, Evolution, Middle Earth and Black Bank.

If you came here, you must know what these places have in common. Centralized markets sooner or later become seized or their admins perform exit scams. In both situations neither vendors nor users can get their funds back. This has changed slightly with the introduction of multi-sig transactions, but we’d rather not gamble with our security being in the hands of people we don’t know anything about.

It means that when you use a market, not only you have to put your trust in the vendor, but also in the market. We’ve decided to allow our dear customers to bypass one of these points of failure and let you to make purchases directly with us via our own hidden service. So if you trust us enough to buy from us on the markets, you no longer have to trust the 3rd parties with your funds or data.

This allows us to give you better prices and make sure that your funds are safe with us, as they are kept in our private, offline wallets (hackers and crackers - there’s nothing to steal here :) )

We are still available on The Majestic Garden for direct deals.


As you may know, we’ve been selling high quality psychedelics since January 2012. Our current bulk-oriented offer consists of some of the best quality LSD available on European market, both in crystal and blotter form with unique, custom made prints as well as a special changa blend.
Our brand was also built on being the only synthetic mescaline and DOM vendors a few years back, but now we stick to LSD and changa.

Verification and reviews

If you have never bought anything from us, don’t hesitate to check our reviews on The Majestic Garden. You can also verify our pgp key listed on this site with the one that is available on TMG to ensure you are dealing here with the real GG team :)



Since we moved our operation into bulk territory, we ship goods once per week. By default, we ship priority, non-registered (untracked) letters. Registered (tracked) mail is also available.That being said, please note that we will not give you a tracking number due to security reasons unless there are issues or prolonged delays with your shipment.

We highly recommend choosing registered shipping. If you insist on choosing non-registered shipping for any reasons, you agree to 50% reship / 35% refund rates in case of non-arrival.

So far we have about 98.5% success rate with shipping worldwide.

Registered shipping always requires signature upon arrival, so please keep that in mind when choosing that option.

We don’t ship to Australia and Chile!

Shipping ETAs to different regions:

  • Europe: 3-10 working days, but may take up to 21 working days
  • USA, Canada: 5-12 working days, but may take up to 21 working days
  • New Zealand: 10-21 working days, but may take up to 28 working days
  • Central and South America: 10-21 working days, but may take up to 28 working days
  • Africa: 7-21 working days, but may take up to 28 working days
  • Asia: 7-21 working days, but may take up to 28 working days

Once your order is marked “sent”, that means it was sent and no further modifications of address or contents are possible.

Providing Shipping Details

Please encrypt your address with our public key for your own safety. Do not use privnote.com or any other 3rd party sites to provide your address.

We reserve the right to cancel your order or give you no refund for a non-delivery if you provide your address incorrectly. If you are not sure how to write your address, please check wikipedia for address formats in your country.

Please remember to include your country in the address field!

ALWAYS INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME! Orders with missing details will not be refunded/reshipped in case of non-arrival.

Refund policy

  • If your order doesn’t arrive and you’ve dealt with us before, we can arrange a reship or 50% refund.
  • Orders made by new customers will be resolved on a case to case basis. Most of the time we will treat you in the same way as returning customer, unless we smell something fishy. Always message us before you give us negative feedback :)

Countries affected by more strict refund / reship rules

Unfortunately some countries have more strict customs or letters tend to get lost more often, and for these countries we can offer 50% reship / 35% refund policy in case of non arriving registered letters

These countries are:

  • Europe: Norway, Denmark, Serbia, Poland (no reship or refund for non-registered letters sent to Poland, registered letters are eligible for 100% reship / 50% refund)
  • New Zealand
  • Africa

We don’t ship to:

  • Australia
  • Chile