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“Welcome to best Digital Thrift Shop ever!”

Here you can find the best files have ever fallen to the Internet.
Very good prices, good security and perfect anonymity. Automatic transactions. Fast Bitcoin/Altcoin payments. Immediate access to the purchased file (We need wait for 1 payment confirmation, before you get access to the file. Once confirmed, order is marked complete and you can download file).
If you have a problem or question please feel free to use support page and let us know! Also good source of knowledge is our FAQ page. This is not a scam shop! We work for you continuously since July 2015. Since February 2018 on new version of the shop. In the meantime we also changed address from kzspryu63qbjfncp.onion to the kw4zlnfhxje7top26u57iosg55i7dzuljjcyswo2clgc3mdliviswwyd.onion. Always double check address.
Before you purchase, read the terms and conditions.
If you have interesting file, we can exchange it for some really good voucher to this shop 🙂 (even to 90% discount) or for any other file you want.
If you are looking for some file, let us know we will try to add it for you!
Before you will make your first big shopping in Digital Thrift Shop you can make some test if you want make sure you understand how it works and is everything working properly. Here you can find free file to test download system and your account dashboard. Here you can find cheapest payment test product, you can check whether our payment gateway works and whether you can make a purchase.

Technical stuff:
-Download link expiration time is set to 15 days.
-Payment method: Bitcoins, Monero, DASH.
-Only registered users can buy.
-Reviews can only be left by “verified owners”.
-Only digital goods.
-Internal payments options are free of charge.
-Some of payments (if delayed for more than 8h) needs to be manually approved by shop admin. Once approved you will get access to your files. Manual approve time is between 1 and 48h. Depends on admin availability.
-You will get access to the purchased products once payment is confirmed by network (1 confirmation or if its manually approved, then max till 48h). We will let you know in the mail with a link to download. For 15 days the file link will also be available in the My Account section under Downloads link.
-Digital Thrift Shop is optimized for mobile solutions! You can now browse your favorite items on you smart-phone or tablet! Use mobile version of Tor Browser!