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    • B47D BF7A 9F4D 6F67 D96F C61D B12D 5ECC 82C2 4A5A
    • B12D5ECC82C24A5A


We’re a different type of domain name registration service!

We care about your right to privacy. We believe it’s an important piece of democracy that we have the right to be anonymous.

Njalla was started because we couldn’t find a domain name service that we ourselves wanted to use. Our goals are to be caring about privacy, simple and flexible.

When you buy a domain in our system, we’re actually purchasing it for ourselves. We will be the actual owners of the domain, it’s not an ownership by proxy as found with all other providers. However, you will still have the full control over the domain name. You can either use our information, our nameservers or you can go with your custom data.

If you ever want to move the domain from our system, we’ll of course give you the domain without any additional costs.

The idea is to make sure that we minimise your visibility to the public. We’re not going to give your customer data out easily. However, we will help if there are legal merits to any formal government requests to our system. If you use our service in a way that affects anyones health or safety, we reserve the right to suspend your service.

Njalla is run by 1337 LLC based in Nevis.