This site is intended to be a space, a window, a crossroads, where methods, practices and theories, local and anti-authoritarian, can intersect


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It seems important to us that collectives and individuals in struggle can exchange, draw from one and all, analyze together experiences and lived experiences. This site is intended to be a space, a window, a crossroads, where methods, practices and theories, local and anti-authoritarian, can intersect.

Media to disseminate information on the struggles, on an international scale, already exist, here we do not want to transcribe information which is already spreading very well without us.
Links between struggles need to be woven and strengthened, here in Toulouse, because it is here that we are and, more broadly, in the southwest. Share our small defeats and our great victories, our wacky inventions and our verbal pirouettes. Like so many tools to inspire daily hardship and strengthen.

The borders of departments, regions and countries are all obstacles to information, discussion and solidarity, they do not make us dream, we wish to refer to them as little as possible


We believe that what keeps us from living our lives for ourselves is due to the power that some take over others.
We want to get rid of domination systems to destroy this world of exploitation.
It seems to us that what most surely leads us there is the path of equality as the abolition of all privileges, in particular those of classes, races, genders …

How to participate?

We wish to participate in the consolidation of the links between the various centers of struggle in the South West. We offer an information space available to people present in these areas. This space must also be a tool which allows to exchange and create perspectives of meetings, why not launch tracks of reflection and criticism on what is being done locally. For this, we hope that during the development of the site, an increasingly important network of regular contributors in the region will be set up.
Publishing information, stories and analyzes on past, present or future events is the reason for this site. This possibility is left to whoever, however we do not want to be a forum for comments that would go against what has been specified above. We agree not to publish them.
Articles must be understandable for those who do not know their context. The publication of the articles is thought of as a collective work, with the possibility of modifying the text in order to make it meet the criteria of the site. These modifications include the possibility of discussions prior to posting.

The reader is allowed to send additional information, but this space is not intended to be a place for open dialogue.
We are available for any question, clarification, criticism, discussion.