Darknet Trust


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About DarkNet Trust

DarkNet Trust has been created for research purposes and is shared with the Tor community to help in harm reduction.

The project is inspired by the darknet archives project by gwern and the energy control project for harm reduction. Some of the information provided in DarkNet Trust has been obtained from the gwern archives. The main difference with gwern archives, is that DarkNet Trust provides the information in a user friendly way.

The similarity with Energy control is also noticeable. Energy control provides information about drugs and we provide information about profiles. With this information, user profiles and pgp keys can be verified to avoid being scammed by a thief/scammer.

The information provided in DarkNet Trust is limited to profiles and we do not collect or share any information about products or services. The reason for this, is that we want to keep the website legal in order to keep it online for a long time.

The website is not a market and it does not facilitate the purchase of any types of products or services since none of that information is available. Information about profiles can only be found if you already know the username or the pgp fingerprint for that profile.