World Market

World Market is a anonymous darknet marketplace for all black market items. Here, anyone can obtain a seller account and put offer/offers for the community. All transactions are made through our secure Escrow system to ensure safety for buyers.


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PGP Key Details

  • World Market key
    • E262 4EF0 9E7E 9D87 8B00 46CA AC19 F572 9802 F15A
    • AC19F5729802F15A
Hash: SHA256

World Market Mirrors:





How to buy here?

Market page shows all listing we have. You can choose category you’re interested in on top. Every category shows how many active listing it consists. If you want to set up special filters press Show filters button, set them up in your preferences and press Filter. Every listing card has short information about it.

To see details press the listing name. There are 3 tabs there:

    • Info with Shipping from, Shipping to and Description.
    • Photos with pictures of listing
    • Feedback where you can read all reviews previous buyers left
      Also Info tab has Contact me button if you have some questions about stuff and Report button if you think the listing has violations of market’s rules. We are paying to pay $5 for each report which market’s administration finds useful.
      Read description and feedback very careful to be sure that you’re gonna buy exactly what you need. Better to spend more time and money that be frustrated after. Select amount you need, delivery method, coin you’d like to pay and with Escrow or FE (for trusted shops).
      If you want buy immediately, press Buy now, you’ll see the message box where you need to leave your address for physical stuff, for digital it’s not required. If you have enough coins in wallet order will be created and paid immediately, if not you’ll see the page with coin address and amount you need to send. Also you can put it to basket and keep shopping if you’d like to buy more than one item, then it’ll be in your basket and you can order that later.

How to use basket?

If you put something to your basket, you’ll see Basket button on top of market page. It has 2 tabs, with listing you didn’t order yet and with listing you need to pay.
On first tab you can change amount, delivery and payment method and coin to pay. When you’re ready to pay press Save and Pay button, you’ll see page with one or few message boxes. If you order everything to the same address you just need to fill first one, if you’d like to use different addresses for different orders fill all of them. We recommend buyers to encrypt their address by themself to be sure that only shop staff will see it. If you don’t encrypt your message our system will do it for you. If you have not enough coins in your wallet on Processing tab you’ll see addresses and amount of coins you need to send.

Where can I see my orders?

You can find list of your orders in Account -> Orders tab.
You can open your order to see status and comunicate with shop. When your order is deliveried and you’re satisfided please don’t forget to press Received button, for Escrow orders Shop will get paid only after that.
In the end you can leave the feedback to help other buyers know more about listing. That’s very important to share your opinion. If you’re happy with order you’ll help Shop to sell more, if you’re not you can warn Buyers that Shop’s staff is not gentle or stuff has not good quality. Only together we can create nice and useful darknet society.
You have only 14 days to leave the feedback and you can change it only once.

How to raise disputes?

Disputes can be raised only for orders with escrow, because FE means shop gets payment when buyer paid and market doesn’t have that money anymore and we can’t return it, so if you buy with FE you’re on your own. Mind it when you do orders. Buyer can raise dispute only when order has status Shipped. If after long period you still didn’t get your order or you got it, but it’s not what you wanted you can raise Dispute. Then market’s staff will help you to solve the problem with Shop. If market’s staff have to do refund to buyer, market will take 5% of price, that’s payment for our service. If shop does it, it’s free for buyer. When order is received or auto finalized, dispute can’t be raised, because shop already got his payment.

How to open my own shop?

If you don’t have any orders yet you’ll see Open shop tab in your account page. You have to set up and verify your PGP Key, all shops must have it. Read our rules and if you agree you can choose subscription plan. We have one free and few paid subscription plans with different features.
If you have shops on other popular markets choose free one and text us about you, we will check and maybe give you free period of featured plan. The decision is made privately.
If you choose paid plan, just pay for prefer period, we have discount for longer time and you can start working immediately, no need to wait answer from us.

Do you have bug bounty?

If you found some bug or potential security leak please let us know. If it’s something serious we will reward you.