Saturn Market

Saturn Market is a new market with wallet-less deposits, multi-sig, trusted vendors, and other features.


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The Saturn Market Logo

The Saturn Market Logo

About Saturn Market

The description provided by Saturn Market:

This is Saturn Market, new and improved Market place that places control back into the Buyers and Vendors hands.

  • Wallet-less deposits;
  • 2 way multi Sig;
  • low commission fees;
  • All vendors get FE option;
  • Featured listing page;
  • Trusted vendors badge can be earned;
  • we support multiple crypto;
  • 2FA has to be enabled.
Listings on Saturn Market

Listings on Saturn Market


  • BTC;
  • DASH;

Saturn Market has a dedicated team of mods ready to help you, should the need arise, Saturn Market has no access to coins, so prevents any exit scams this is why we gave all vendors FE and 2 way multi Sig,you as a buyer have the choice to use the 2 way multi Sig escrow option or if you trust the vendor you can use the FE option, Any vendor that has trusted vendor status is 100% trusted,you can order with no worries as your order would be covered by the Market (up to $1000 per vendor) any vendor caught abusing FE will be banned immediately

  • no sales of weapons;
  • no child porn;
  • no wmd;
  • no fentanyl.

feed back must be left by both buyer and vendor this will help keep the community safer, We will be adding many new features as the market place grows

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Anyone claiming to be a vendor is either a scammer or a fed. Click links at your own risk.