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Cannamed Announces Second Partnership - With Tor2Door Market!
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It is with great pleasure we announce our second partnership with /d/Tor2DoorMarket.

They now have a sub-forum section on Cannamed for all news, announcements and relevant information related to vendors in the cannabis & medications niche. We are still in discussions on how best to utilize this new partnership to best benefit not only both platforms, but all weed vendors now and in the future. We're looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership between both Tor2Door Market and Cannamed.

Take Care.


Cannamed Announces First Partnership - with Dark0de Reborn Market.
It is with great pleasure we announce our first official Partnership - with /d/Dark0deReborn

Being the largest cannabis and medications forum, we believe in offering the best platform for users and vendors (and market staff) and buyers at any level in these respective product categories. Whilst Dark0de has the Dark0de Harm Reduction badge for sellers of all product categories who have their products tested, they wanted to see if they could take this one step further for product specific categories, such as Cannabis.

In the spirit of offering the best products from the best vendors, we here at Cannamed and staff at Dark0de decided to join forces and help promote Cannamed to Cannabis buyers and sellers on our new platform, to buy the best cannabis and cannabis related products and to get recognised as a top seller! Sellers can now sign up at Cannamed and get the Special Cannamed Verified Badge. Cannamed will curate the best cannabis sellers and offer them a special badge on Dark0de Market. Buying from sellers who have earned this badge means you will be buying the best cannabis products offered on Dark0de Market.

Sellers who have signed up for a Cannamed account and are verified as a genuine cannabis vendor can also receive a free gold vendor bond on Dark0de Market. We want to welcome all high quality cannabis vendors and make their lives a little bit easier but grow their revenue that much bigger!

Buyers can also sign up on Cannamed and Dark0de to see and buy products that will fulfil the quality vs, price balance. For the buyers this practically means that they can make a better choice in what they buy and who they buy it from. The time for hoping you will receive good quality products is over!

Visit the Dark0de subdread at /d/Dark0deReborn for ways to sign up. (After creating an account on Cannamed, scroll down to the Dark0de section to find out more!).

Sellers can create an account and contact the Dark0de Reborn Market staff when they are verified by Cannamed, either by contacting Dark0de support or in the Dakr0de section on Cannamed.

Announcement: DarkNetLive Listing & Our First Partnership!
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So a couple of updates here, we were recently (this week just gone) listed on DarkNetLive in the forums section, (will update with all relevant info + public key on there ASAP).

And in the following 24 hours will be announcing our first partnership which happens to be with a marketplace! We've formulated some fantastic ideas and plans we will roll out together over the coming days/weeks with our first partner, with benefits for all users and vendors first and foremost. Look out for the announcement(s) regarding all of this in the next 24 hours!

Take care,



Announcement: Envoy Forum members can now login to Cannamed!


If you have logged into Cannamed in the past few hours and wondered why we have over 35,000 members on the forums, rest assured we’re not fudging the numbers, Envoy forum account holders, can now log in to Cannamed with their Envoy forum accounts! We see this as a great opportunity to hit the ground running and provide all new vendors and members with the same opportunities for more traffic, sooner, rather than later!

We’re expanding our advertising (banners) in the coming days and are expecting a DarkNetLive post to go live in the next day or so.

I will be updating /d/cannamed with some updated posts regarding sponsorship, partnership & membership information for our forums. Also, expect some information regarding the opportunity to purchase Cannamed vendor shops for any vendor wishing to do so, these are built by /d/Imperiya and rapidly deployed upon receipt of payment (these are super cost effective, please await information once we post this later today).

Looking forward to seeing you at cannamedpnaiuzrf.onion

Thanks from all of the staff @ cannamed!

(Also today we will be reaching out to 200+ vendors on their respective markets they’re currently vending on)