Libertas Market

Libertas Market

Mirror: http://72v5sc2s6kh3epom.onion
Main Address: libertyimuhzl2kz.onion
Mirror: trzcq7g2w4nzg6tc.onion
Mirror: stpqmju5dngujirm.onion
Forum: libertyimuhzl2kz.onion/forum

Libertas basically died. The site has been offline for a long time with roughly 400 Monero in marketplace wallets.

Libertas launched on October 14 as the only Monero-only darknet market.

Hello DNM citizens,
We are a newer market, the name of this market is Libertas. Our mission statement is pretty simple, create the most secure DNM for both vendors and buyers possible.
We do this by accepting a currency that is not traceable like BTC. We only allow XMR aka Monero. This is for the safty and security of our vendors and buyers.
On top of that we only accept vendors who have proven themselves to be reliable. If you are a new vendor or if you cannot prove that you have good reviews and a good amount of sales then dont bother applying. You can work at another market until you have proven yourself. Many buyers are sick and tired of being robbed by fly-by-night vendors and we will not have it at Libertas.
We very much look forward to seeing you there, in safety, security and not having to worry about all the “tumbling” crap that the other markets make you go through.
You can locate us on DeepDotWeb.com OR you can use the mirrors on the right side of this subreddit to get our mirrors that have been signed by the admin which can be verified here: http://trzcq7g2w4nzg6tc.onion/Official-PGP.asc
Kindest Regards.

What is Monero?

Monero (XMR) is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency, which allows for anonymous transactions through the use of ring signatures.

Why Monero only?

Monero has the highest degree of anonymity and security and so is the future of dark net markets.

Can I vend here?

Libertas is a market for long standing reputable vendors only. Please contact us if you think you may qualify.

How secure is the delete function within chat?

When you mark a chat conversation to be deleted the conversation flat file is securely wiped using a 70 pass routine, making the data unrecoverable.

Who runs this place?

Support, Twilight.

Can you detail every order status?

  • Pending accept: The order has been placed, and the vendor is now required to accept or cancel it.
  • Accepted: The order has been accepted by the vendor.
  • Order processed: The order has been processed. For physical items this means they have been shipped, for digital items this means the item has been delivered via a message.
  • Cancelled: The customer or the vendor has cancelled the order.
  • Completed: The order was successful.
  • Completed (Issue resolved): The order issue was successfully resolved.

Can you detail every profile rank name?

  • Small fry: 1st rank
  • Big fish: 2nd rank
  • Shark: 3rd rank
  • Whale: 4th rank
  • Giant Squid: 5th rank
  • Megladon: 6th rank

What is the market fee?