White Shadow Market

White Shadow Marketplace [is] a Russian eBay auction-style marketplace for all black market items. After Alphabay and other big marketplaces shut down, we want offer you the highest level of security [on a] marketplace that ever existed. And can never be shut down! Why? Find it out! The user info is encrypted and we cannot even see it. We will pay everyone 100$-1000$ that can be find any leaks or errors on our site! No Scammers and people without knowledge allowed here!

White Shadow Market Links

They launched with an absurd number of .onion addresses:

Market URL: nugzpeyqzym4tqpj.onion

Market URL: jbdp6mmqfrr6fccg.onion

Market URL: tpohkaqe3q27menc.onion

Market URL: rzw56avt2yeo7cp6.onion

Market URL: qplvvac4beoxezjf.onion

Forum URL: manwxkpbmb7dhkzh.onion

Forum URL: maqraryf52lidffn.onion


  • They collect a 7 percent commission from from vendors.
  • Free Registration
  • Vendor Accounts are 0.018 BTC or free with 100+ feedback on other markets.
  • No FE. Only Escrow.
  • Auto Encrypt 
  • 30 day auto delete.
  • One BTC address/deposit.
  • Autoshop

Market Staff:

Subreddit: WSMarketplace

Subreddit Mod: lindbergerwin