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The Internet has become dangerous to humans. Although we are told the opposite, over time the Internet is becoming more and more controlled by various factions that restrict freedom of speech and persecute people for their beliefs and the dissemination of their ideas. We want to take away the right to exchange information. Cameras and microphones want to control every step and sigh. They want to make us believe that this is necessary and in our own interests.

Runion is created by people with a heightened sense of justice, for which anonymity, security and freedom have the highest priority among other aspects of communication. And here are their own rules.

We do not want to exchange our freedoms for gold cages. We want to decide how and how to protect ourselves and our loved ones, how to organize leisure, how to bring up our own children. We ourselves want to control what gets into our body. We are for freedom of speech, opinion and exchange of information. We are for the safety of our personal lives, for the secrecy of correspondence and for full control over those who, due to a misunderstanding, fell into the hands of the authorities to make decisions for us.

Runion is designed to communicate with people who agree with this Manifesto. They do not tolerate provocation, stupidity and hypocrisy. Interesting people with their own opinions are always welcome here.