A Pivx exchange service that values privacy.


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PGP Key Details

  • Pivx2bitcoin key
    • 8918 25C9 6F39 F6B6 CC82 BE81 6CEE 8B00 9DF7 1216
    • 6CEE8B009DF71216
Hash: SHA256





Q:Do you operate any onion services?

A: Yes. Our official, signed list of mirrors can be found here. We strongly encourage our users to access our services via Tor.

Q:Can I send shielded PIV?

A: Yes. This is recommended.

Q:Can I send transparent PIV?

A: Yes. However, we recommend using shielded PIV.

Q:For how long is a quote valid?

A: 10 minutes. Your source coin send to us must be broadcast before the 10 minute time window expires.

Q:Can I access your service using Tor?

A: Yes. This is recommended. See our signed list of Tor mirrors here.

Q:Can I access your service using a VPN?

A: Yes, although we recommend using Tor.

Q:Does my transaction need to have 2 confirmations before the 10 minute timer expires?

A: No. The transaction must be broadcast before the 10 minute timer expires, but the confirms can happen after 10 minutes.

Q:Can I send coins to your address from an exchange?

A: We recommend against this. Exchanges oftentimes do not process withdrawals immediately. If the send to us is not broadcast before the 10 minute window expires, the quote is canceled.

Q:Do you log IP addresses?

A: Yes, for 30 days. Our privacy policy outlines our data retention in detail. We hard delete all data within 30 days, including transaction records and backups.

Q:Why don’t you use JavaScript?

A: JavaScript has been used to deanonymize Tor user and services several times in the past. We like to provide the best experience for all our customers. In order to provide a great experience for Tor users, we chose to not use any JavaScript at all.

Q:How long do you retain data?

A: We retain data for up to 30 days. Some data may be deleted before 30 days. All data will be deleted within 30 days of its creation in our systems.

Q:How can I check the status of my quote?

A: Use the quote status page to look up your quote.

Q:I would like to adjust the amount on my quote. Do I need to wait until my current quote expires?

A: No, you can create a new quote at any time.

Q:Is there an API?

A: Yes. Our API documentation can be found here.

Q:Do I need an API key to integrate?

A: No. However, using an API key allows earning rewards of up to 1% of transactions. For more information, send an email to contact -at- pivx2bitcoin -dot- com.

Q:I have integrated using an API key, how do I view details of transactions from my app?

A: You cannot. To protect users privacy, we do not disclose details of any transaction to any parties. You will receive a weekly payment based on your reward rate at the address you provided at the time of API key issuance.

Q:How can I get additional help?

A: Reach out via the contact us page.

How it works

Start a swap, and select the currency you would like to send (source coin)
On the next screen, select the currency you'd like to receive (target coin)
Select the amount of either:
    The source currency you send
    The target currency you will receive
Our system generates a quote based on the best market rates
The next screen provides our receive address in the source currency, as well as how much of that currency you need to send
You send the exact amount of coin to the address displayed on the screen
When there are 2 confirmations on your transaction, the quote is processed, and coins are sent to your target address
Within 30 days, all our records - including backups - are hard deleted.

Your send of the source coin must be broadcast before the quote expires.
The send does not need to have 2 confirmations before 10 minutes has passed. Our system must detect the send prior to the expiration of the quote.
On the bottom of every screen is a Quote ID. Should you need to contact us for support, include this Quote ID in your request.