Majestic Bank

The First CryptoBank focused on maximum privacy while providing crypto exchange and banking services.


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Crypto regulation are catching up, using cryptocurrencies became suspicious activity and it shouldn't be like that.

Bitcoin lost it's privacy foundation totally and websites providing exchanges services for Monero are becoming more and more regulated.

Exchanging Bitcoin to Monero and vice versa became a risk because of seizures with promise of false KYC security.

You can't blame those LLC companies for doing bad work because they are bound by laws of country they are registered in.

For MajesticBank only law we follow and respect is Crypto law and we don't know what is KYC or Jurisdiction.

By providing it's services Majestic Bank aims to bring things to the right place.

High availability, Fast exchanges, Reliable support and Privacy above all.

High and reliable liquidity for both Monero and Bitcoin is something we mastered.

The Bank services will come available in stages.

Stage I

Swap between BTC - XMR

Stage II

API, Telegram and Jabber bot

Stage III

Wallets for Bitcoin and Monero using direct storage technology ( your keys, your coins )

http://majestictfvnfjgo5hqvmuzynak4kjl5tjs3j5zdabawe6n2aaebldad.onion (Safest)

Always dedicated to it's users, The Bank will keep operating under all circumstances.

Welcome to MajesticBank




In the past regulation are catching up, using cryptocurrencies became suspicious activity and it shouldn't be like that. By providing it’s services Majestic Bank aims to bring things to the right place. Always dedicated to it’s users, The Bank will keep operating under all circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to answer most of your questions below. If you have any additional questions about The Bank and our services, Please send us a message any time.

Do I have to register account to use the Exchange services?

Not required but having account will provide you better exchange rate and control over your exchanges.

What about the logs? Privacy?

We respect our users privacy absolutely, no logs are kept and exchange data are deleted after two weeks or per request. Everything stored is military-grade encrypted.

What about exchange fee?

The Bank exchange fee is between 0-2% based on crypto reserves available.

How it can be 0% ?

When crypto reserves on one currency is low, bank will provide exchanges for 0% until reserves are equal again.

How long does it take to complete exchange?

Exchange is completed in automated way, usually around 15-30 minutes based on network speed.

How many confirmations needed for transfer to be confirmed?

After 1st confirmation on blockchain network your transaction will be considered as confirmed.

What is Transaction Speed about?

When your receive coins to your wallet it can be using Normal or Priority fee. Priority means it will get faster confirmed on blockchain network but might cost a bit extra. Default is Normal.

What about Show Transaction ID?

After exchange is completed, on final page Transaction ID to your wallet will displayed. Default is Hidden for privacy reasons.

What about Bitcoin/Monero received from exchange? Are they safe for use?

They are 100% safe to use. History of coins is clean and can be used for any purpose.

Do website require javascript to work?

Javascript is not required for exchange to work and its recommended to disable it for best security.

What is best way to access The Bank?

Most secure and encrypted way to access The Majestic Bank is using Tor v3 hidden service.