Auspost: Coronavirus Impacts and Delays

Australia’s postal service Australia Post announced significant delays due to an increased number of people shopping online.

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Are Post Offices still open?

Most of our Post Offices are still open but some have been temporarily closed or have changed their opening hours. Check the status and opening hours of your local Post Office.

What services are you offering during the coronavirus pandemic?

We’re still operational but we have had to adapt to protect our customers and our people. As a result, some of our services such as collection times and domestic deliveries have been impacted. Keep track of our service updates.

Are there delays due to the coronavirus pandemic?

Yes. We’re seeing a huge increase in volume as more people are shopping online, which is impacting our network. Unfortunately, this means your parcel delivery may be delayed, but rest assured we are doing everything we can to minimize delays.

Can I still track my delivery?

Yes, if your delivery has a tracking number, you can track it using our tracking tool.

I’m tracking my parcel and it appears to no longer be moving. Should I be worried?

No. The tracking tool will provide you with an estimated arrival date and is updated should there be any unforeseen delays. There are various operational reasons why your parcel may appear not to be moving, but rest assured we are working hard to get your parcel to you as quickly as we can.

My parcel seems to be coming from a different location than normal, why is this?

As our business adapts to the challenges the current pandemic presents, we are constantly looking at ways to optimise our delivery network to make sure customers will receive their parcel as quickly as possible.

In some cases, we are having to process and deliver from an alternative location and customers may notice when tracking their parcel, that it is coming from a different location to what they are used to.

What can I do to ensure my online order is delivered?

To help ensure your parcel will get to you, double check your delivery address at the online checkout. A correct address will reduce the number of returns and items requiring re-delivery, and help cut down on delivery delays.

Are signatures on delivery still required?

No. To minimise the risk of contracting or spreading coronavirus, we’ve enabled contactless delivery. This means signatures are no longer required for all parcels, whether you’re collecting from a Post Office or at home.

For home delivery of parcels normally requiring a signature, if you’re at home, the delivery driver will record your name and confirm delivery on their handheld device, then leave the parcel at your door. If you’re not at home, a card will be left, with instructions on where to pick up your parcel.

For Post Office collection, our staff will confirm your name and record your collection on their device, then leave the parcel on the counter for you to pick up.

In all cases, whether a driver or postie delivers to the door or a customer goes in to their local Post Office to collect a parcel, an Australia Post staff member will ask and record the customer’s name and delivery on the handheld device.

Are Parcel Lockers still operating?

Yes, more than 400 Parcel Locker locations are still operating around Australia. Learn how they work and find one near you.

Can I still access my PO Box?

Yes, most PO Boxes are still accessible. Where we have had to close a location, we’ve contacted PO Box holders to provide alternatives. Find out more about PO Boxes.

Have your collection times changed for metropolitan areas?

Yes, collection times have been brought forward, including for Express Post and Parcel Post. Learn more.

Is international mail affected by the coronavirus?

There are major international delivery delays due to flight cancellations and government restrictions, but we’re working with partner airlines and other postal operators to move items as quickly as possible.

Can Australia Post hold my mail, or redirect it for me?

Yes, we can redirect and hold mail for consumers and businesses. You can apply for these services at your local Post Office or online. If you’re in self-isolation or quarantine and need to cancel your existing mail hold or redirect, contact us online for help.

I’m a business owner and need to send out business mail. Can I bring my business mail to you if you can’t collect from me?

We are endeavouring to collect from all business customers that remain open. However, if we can’t get to you, you can either take your mail to a local Post Office or one of our Business Hubs.

What steps have you taken to protect your staff and customers from COVID-19?

The health and safety of our people and customers in the communities in which we operate is our number one priority. Find out what we are doing to protect everyone in this time.

What is your advice to Australia Post employees who may be showing symptoms?

Our people from Australia Post, and our subsidiary, Star Track have been advised to self-isolate should they be showing any signs or symptoms of coronavirus.

Can I contract coronavirus from mail and parcels?

Like many postal organisations worldwide, we’re keeping a close eye on advice about coronavirus living on mail and parcels, to ensure the safety of our people and customers.

The Australian Government has advised that the risk of coronavirus infection from handling goods is considered extremely low. On most dry surfaces, coronaviruses die within a few hours as secretions dry out.

The World Health Organisation has also advised it is safe to receive international letters or packages as, from previous analysis, coronaviruses do not survive long on objects, such as mailed items.

Globally to date, there has been no recorded case that someone has contracted coronavirus from handling mail or parcels.

For further information, visit the Australian Government’s information page.