Aero Hacked

A hacker known as “ChUcKyNbUcKy” claimed they had access to Aero servers since August. They’ve stolen bitcoin and dumped the addresses and names of Aero Market customers. Buyers of the following vendors have allegedly been doxxed: Instangram; GonePostal; TranquilTreats; TheNotorious; El_Chapo; UK2UK; StealthPharmacy; NightPeople; Pellendose; RemedyPlus; SouthernWonderz; and DGSLabz ExceptRead More →

Bad Vendors

Famed German vendor “Shiny Flakes” saved addresses and German police found them. Years later, international police still use that list of customers to prosecute buyers. In the United States, the South Carolina fentanyl vendor “PeterTheGreat” saved addresses that resulted in the arrest of Alphabay vendor “Zane61.” Yet vendors still saveRead More →


Abudullah Almashwali and Chaudhry Ahmad Farooq sold opioids on Dream and Alphabay. Court Documents DoJ Press Release: Two Brooklyn Men Indicted for Distributing Heroin and Cocaine on Dark Web Marketplace Alphabay Almashwali is currently serving a 78 month prison sentence for heroin and cocaine distribution conspiracy and for the distribution of heroin andRead More →

Aaron Shamo

Fentanyl distribution on Alphabay and other darknet markets. Aaron Michael Shamo sold under the username “Pharma Master aka PharmaMaster.” He had at least five co-conspirators: Drew Wilson Crandall; Alexandrya Marie Tonge; Katherine Lauren Ann Bustin; Mario Anthony Noble; Sean Michael Gygi. Amended ComplaintRead More →