Tochka Market News Update

Because of the high transaction mining fee (Bitcoin) we advise all buyers and vendors to not buy/sell stuff at least $100. Use ETH/BCH for small amount orders. Fees are ~1$ for them. Why? -Well, this is the scenario: Imagine that you are buying from ‘X’ vendor a Netflix account whichRead More →

Odyssey market

A recently launched darknet market called Odyssey market, as pointed out by ecatelhf on Reddit, is based on a publicly available marketplace script sold on the Bitcoin Talk forums. The script largely resembles (and functions) as a clone of the infamous Evolution market. Using a market script is not inherently anRead More →

Sourcery Market

“We are very responsive to issues and are quick to provide help,” the market’s admin wrote in a post advertising the market. A Reddit user recently posted a message from a Sourcery administrator that indicated the market will likely remain down. The market showed potential when it launched and claimedRead More →

ZIon Monero

Zion Marketplace added Monero (XMR) wallets so users can pay with Monero without having to deal with long BTC confirmation times and costs. XMR orders will be shown on your order page and will be sent directly to the XMR address you’ve set once escrow is released.Read More →

Agora Beta Monero

Agora previously unveiled their November -December 2017 changelog. The have already added support for Bitmessage notifications. Monero is next. Agora Changelog Plan for November-December 2017: Multisig (2-3 type): We will have multisig in this week or hopefully even before, we are really working on it, and we will be doneRead More →

Aero Hacked

A hacker known as “ChUcKyNbUcKy” claimed they had access to Aero servers since August. They’ve stolen bitcoin and dumped the addresses and names of Aero Market customers. Buyers of the following vendors have allegedly been doxxed: Instangram; GonePostal; TranquilTreats; TheNotorious; El_Chapo; UK2UK; StealthPharmacy; NightPeople; Pellendose; RemedyPlus; SouthernWonderz; and DGSLabz ExceptRead More →

Aero Hack

Aero market posted an announcement regarding the ongoing DDoS attacks and added a handful of mirror links. —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA512 Current Aero Market addresses: http://aerotoacidroarup.onion/ http://aeromedcunrolipo.onion/ http://adkwlb4q53zbvips.onion/ http://j4xv7wdas6jnp4cw.onion/ http://aeroguckedxcpwoa.onion/ We are undergoing further DDOS attacks, mainly through the “aeroguckedxcpwoa” address, which is causing time outs and serverRead More →


According to the United States Department of Justice, MalwareTech aka MalwareTechBlog helped create the a form of malware known as “Kronos.” The accuracy of the government’s claims have been widely disputed. Outside of free demos on Russian cybercrime forums, the malware researcher allegedly sold one copy – on Alphabay. BelowRead More →