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Operation Pacifier is or was a large scale hacking campaigning from the FBI launched in 2015 investigating criminal activity on the dark web. It was the largest such operation since Operation Torpedo. Malware known to law enforcement as network investigative techniques (NITs) were used to discover the real IP addressesRead More →


The @FBI, @WDPAnews, and @Europol recently seized “, a clearnet platform where users could buy and sell logins for C-Panels; and spambots on hacked sites; RDP server credentials; and SSH server credentials.   A hacker accessed basetool’s backend and downloaded the site’s database. The hacker threatened to send information onRead More →

childs play

Taskforce Argos had quietly taken over Childs Play, a darknet child abuse forum, three months before the Norwegian newspaper VG had discovered the operation. Argos ran the site for 11 months before busting the admins on unrelated charges. With assistance from the European police, Taskforce Argos took over the ChildsRead More →