Brazil: 21 Busted for Selling Drugs Online

Brazil Drug Bust

Brazil’s Civil Police executed 25 search warrants and made 21 arrests in an operation that targted a criminal network trafficking drugs through the internet. They called the sweep ‘Operation Witch Hunt’. The 6th Police Station (Paranoá) controlled the operation, for the most part.

The group “printed ecstasy tablets in the form of famous social networking brands, soccer teams, applications and food companies, among others.”¹

The traffickers lived and or worked in the Federal District and eight other federal units: São Paulo;  Goiás; Rio Grande do Norte; Tocantins; Rondônia; Bahia; Paraná and Minas Gerais). 25 of the suspects have been charged with trafficking and drug trafficking offenses. (Four suspects have not been caught yet. One source says that another six suspects remain.

Ecstasy Pills from Major Brazil Darknet Bust

Another, possibly related, bust in Brazil: Police In Brazil Bust International Crime Group

According to police, the criminals sold on the clearnet and on the darknet. The investigations began in October 2017, following the arrest of a lawyer who trafficked in Paraná. “We started to investigate his contacts and we came to this national network,” a spokesperson said.

The Post Office sent a letter to G1:

“The Post Office has specific internal procedures for monitoring the content of postal items and the company’s security area works in partnership with public security agencies.

At Treatment Centers, the Post Office has x-ray equipment and mass spectrometers for non-invasive verification of the contents of postal items.

When drugs are identified in the orders, they are immediately withdrawn from the mail flow, the Federal Police is notified and comes to the Post Office for other investigative measures.

From that point on, the investigation of senders attempting to use the postal service for drug trafficking is the prerogative of public security agencies. “

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