Bavarian Man Sold Stolen Credit Card Info on the Darknet

The Central Office Cybercrime in Bavaria and Criminal Investigation Ingolstadt succeeds in striking a deal against illegal data records on the Internet: A 24-year-old Cologne is said to have sold illegally obtained credit card records on the Internet on a large scale and also for being responsible for the attack on the web server of an online mail order company.

Already on 06.02.2018 led lengthy and intensive investigations of the prosecutors of the established at the Attorney General Bamberg Central Cybercrime Bavaria and the computer specialists of the Criminal Investigation Inspectorate Ingolstadt to arrest a 24-year-old suspect in his apartment in Cologne. The accused is suspected of spying on the Internet for several years, in order to sell them usually profitably.

According to current information, the 24-year-old was active in the period between August 2013 and May 2015 at the former Underground Economy Forum “”. This forum served its members exclusively to prepare or commit crimes. The accused should have offered on this forum under his pseudonym in a large number of cases illegally obtained access to the online payment service Paypal and credit card data for sale. The data he should have previously obtained by the mass sending of so-called phishing emails on his own dedicated server. The mail addresses for his phishing campaigns in turn, he is said to have procured by previously committed attacks on various web shops.

The investigation had been started because in mid-2016, a still unknown offender had attacked the web server of a major online mail order company via a so-called SQL injection and could access about half a million customer records. The datasets were largely sold on forums on the Internet and used by the “customers” for fraudulent orders on the Internet. After the damaged company immediately filed a complaint, the cybercrime specialists of the Kriminalpolizeiinspektion Ingolstadt conducted in close cooperation with the central office Cybercrime Bavaria extensive and complex investigations, which after about 1 ½ years duration finally an urgent suspicion against the young man Cologne led.

The Attorney General Bamberg then obtained warrants and search warrant against the accused. Both decisions were carried out on 06.02.2018 in Cologne by officials of the Ingolstadt Criminal Police, supported by colleagues from North Rhine-Westphalia. There were also forces of a special unit in action. The 24-year-old was found in his home and arrested without resistance. The officers provided a PC, three cell phones, two notebooks and numerous storage media as evidence.

Even the first evaluations of the seized evidence have substantiated the suspicion. As it also resulted in the suspicion of numerous other crimes against the accused, the arrest warrant was already extended on 22.02.2018. The accused has been in custody since his arrest, as the investigating judge has assumed the danger of flight and blackout.

Since 1 January 2015, the Central Office of Cybercrime Bavaria has been established at the Attorney General’s Office in Bamberg. This central office is responsible throughout Bavaria for handling outstanding investigations in the field of cybercrime. In cooperation with the relevant specialists of the Bavarian police, it investigates, for example, attacks on major industries or organized cybercrime proceedings. Even if a high investigation effort in the field of computer and information technology is to be processed, the prosecutors of the central office act.

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